Jan 17 / 2017

M. Family

Laura has a gift for capturing newborns. In the hectic postpartum moment, she manages to make you feel comfortable and worth capturing. She is patient with the reality of new babies and excellent at...

Jan 13 / 2017

New Year’s Post

It seemed fitting to do a wrap-up post for 2016 with not only my favourite highlights from client shoots throughout the year, but also a post for my favourite personal photos as well.  A...

Jan 12 / 2017

Bailey Newborn Shoot | Vancouver Newborn Photographer

What could be cuter than two little red-head sisters that adore each other.  Well, big sister adores little sister.  Little sister tolerates big sister.  Welcome to the world Bailey!  You are very, very loved.

Jan 09 / 2017

DITL (Day In The Life) – January 2017

Once a month, for 2017, it’s my goal to do a day-in-the-life post to document our year and the changes within it.  The moments that seem boring or ordinary now, I know I will...

Jan 05 / 2017

The R. Family | Lafarge Lake, Coquitlam Family Shoot

Christmas means tradition for a lot of people, and for this family, tradition means annual father-daughter photo shoots.  Love it!

Jan 04 / 2017

Best of 2016 – Weddings

I love seeing “year in review” posts after the holidays so thought I would do one of my own, but it was hard to narrow down 2016 into one simple blog post.  We did...