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I’m Laura, a coffee-loving, outgoing introvert with a passion for motherhood and photography.  I have two little boys under two (notice how coffee was the fifth word in my intro?) and have been enjoying life on the West Coast with my husband of over 8 years now.  I am a recovering perfectionist who is learning to embrace the real, the authentic, the messy, and the chaos.  Some days I’m admittedly better at this than others.  

I believe in creating a space for families to breathe and just “be”. Yes, we’ll grab a portrait to send to the grandparents but then let’s break the stereotype of a traditional family photoshoot.  It’s okay if your kids run haywire.  It’s okay if they melt down, or fall down, or both!  I’m not here to document you standing at attention in perfectly ordered combinations.  I’m not here judging you if your kids aren’t perfect angels.  I’m here to document you as you ARE.  I’m here to stand with you and say, “Yep, mama, me too!”  I want you to show up and just love on each other, and that’s where the magic truly happens.  Please, LET your kids run around.  Let them be silly.  Let them be as charming or as dramatic as they really are and we will capture it all in a beautiful way.  

It’s exhausting in life trying to pretend to be something we’re not, so let’s not do it in photos either.  Who you are, JUST as you are, has tremendous value and is worth capturing.  You bring you, and I’ll bring the coffee ;).