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Feb 23 / 2015

Avelynn’s Shower

by Laura

Category : event photography


This past weekend, I was asked to document my friend’s baby shower.  That sounds quaint and intimate doesn’t it?  Oh, don’t be deceived!  My friend loves on a LOT of people, and pours her heart and soul into being there for countless friends day and night.  I have never seen someone so invested in others’ lives like she is.  And this shower was a reflection of that.  Not everyone could make it and it was a girls’ only event, but we still packed the house with over 60 people!  There were decorations, and good food, and games, but most importantly, there were people.  People that wanted to show their love and gratitude back for all the things my friend had done for them.  And it was my pleasure to get to do my part by documenting this exciting day for her.


Shower Blog-22

Shower Blog-7Shower Blog-17Shower Blog-5Shower Blog-11Shower Blog-12Shower Blog-13Shower Blog-10

Shower Blog-16

Shower Blog-14Shower Blog-15Shower Blog-20Shower Blog-23

And I’ll wrap this post up with a picture of the girls that made this all happen for our dear friend!Shower Blog-24

2 thoughts on “Avelynn’s Shower

  1. Lindsay

    THESE ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! AHHHHH I’m so glad you took the photos, Laura! Well done! And well said about Tara. It was such a fantastic excuse to get to love her back for all that she has done for us! 🙂

    1. admin

      Yay!! I’m so glad you like them! Thanks for asking me to do it :). You guys hit it out of the park with your planning, though! Amazing!

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