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Feb 08 / 2015

Baby Keziah – Newborn Photo Shoot

by Laura

Category : newborn photography

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I’m writing this post on the weekend I was supposed to be doing a Newborn Shoot.  However, little Kezzie was so eager to meet the world that she came a few days ahead of schedule.  Thus, her and I made our acquaintance last weekend instead :).  Here she is in her 7-day-old glory.  All 5 and a half pounds of her sweet self!




And for the photographers that read this blog, I try to leave a little something extra in my posts.  I think you may be surprised to know that most of these photos were taken with off-camera-flash.  There was one window in the room, but the bed was a good 10 feet away from it and already slipping into the shadows.  It was also a very dark, overcast day, so the daylight we did have wasn’t ideal.  I set up my Canon 580 exii flash with a softbox and fired it directly at the window at full power.  The light bounced back and supplemented the natural light for the majority of these images.

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