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Aug 01 / 2017

C Family Shoot | Deer Lake Park | Burnaby Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : family photography

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To myself:  I need to remember.  I can’t forget.  I need to remember the feel of you snuggled up against me in the wee hours of the morning.  The grip of your tiny arms as they hug my neck.  The way your eyes light up when we pause in front of a mirror and a new tiny human magically appears.  The tap of your little fingers together to show that you want more of something.  My children, slow down.  Stay little just a tiny bit longer.  Let’s linger here.  But we cannot.  Time presses forward unceasingly except where it’s frozen behind my lens.

To my friends:  This is what I have become – a savourer of moments, a freezer of time.  Because one day, my dear friends, your little girl won’t stop and pick weeds for you anymore.  She won’t be fascinated with “baby bugs” joining her on the blanket, or laugh hysterically when you make her fly.  And you’ll want to remember the times that she did.  This shoot is one tiny step towards that and I’m so glad I could be part of freezing these memories forever for you <3.

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