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Aug 13 / 2016

Dear Micah, Well, we are back from Iceland, re-establishing our routines, and playing catch-up.  You bounced back faster than either mommy or daddy did. Later on in the month, we took a rare weekend off weddings to go visit your great grandparents.  Since you’re going to grow up and probably destroy things, we thought a more […]

July – 366 – Letter To My Son

Jul 02 / 2016

Dear Micah, Another month has come and gone, and I’m pretty sure this is the last month I can pull off calling you a “newborn”.  Thankfully, I think the intense growth spurts have tapered off, and you’re staying in 9 to 12-month clothing now without us having to pull out new outfits constantly.  You still […]

June – 366 – Letter To My Son

Jun 14 / 2016

Dear Micah, It’s been 4 months now since you’ve joined our family and May was the month that you really became your own little person.  You are your father in every way.  You love people, you’re super friendly, and you’re pretty chill and laid back.  You also take after your mom’s love of sleep which […]

May – 366 – Letter To My Son

May 03 / 2016

Dear Micah, Life feels pretty normal now.  You’re no longer this strange being in our household that we are trying to adjust our lives around and learn to understand.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re still working on balance and you still bring constant newness to our every day, but you feel like one of the […]

April – 366 – Letter To My Son

Apr 04 / 2016

I can’t believe it’s already April!  At the same time, as I look back over my daily photos for the last month, some of them seem like they were taken ages ago now.  Anyway, here is March together as a family of three! WEEK ONE: The first week of March was full of taking care […]

March – 366

Mar 07 / 2016

As I was looking back at all my daily shots from February, I was thinking, “boy, there’s a lot of baby photos in there!”  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that he’s only been around for 7 short weeks and is still so brand new to us.  Back at the beginning of the month (when he […]

February – 366

Feb 04 / 2016

This year, I’m doing another 365 (a photo each day for a year), though technically it’s a 366 since it’s a leap year.  However, January is also the month our little one decided to arrive early so I’m combining this post into a “birth story” as well since I’ve had a few people ask after […]

January – 366 – A Birth Story

Jan 01 / 2015

The end.  The full project in its entirety can be seen HERE!  

Photography 365 Project: (Day 365)

Dec 31 / 2014

We are almost finished!  We made it through the longest personal project I have ever endeavoured (once I take the last picture today).  We were a couple hours late on a photo once, but other than that, we never missed a single day!  I say “we” because my poor husband was the subject of 73 photos […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 356 – 364)

Dec 22 / 2014

I can’t believe there are only 10 days left before I have completed the entire year!  This really was the perfect year to document with so many exciting adventures and things changing in our lives.  I’m a little sad to lose that as we start 2015, but not sad enough to keep shooting every single […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 349 – 355)

Dec 16 / 2014

Saturday, December 6th, Nick and I woke up to the pouring rain and promptly cancelled the morning’s photo shoot I had booked.  We crawled back into bed for a few more hours before deciding to tackle our Christmas shopping list.  We managed to hit up Costco for some groceries, stop to get some new jeans […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 340 – 348)

Dec 05 / 2014

Wednesday, November 26th, was guys’ night at Lifegroup, so I stayed home after teaching and had the house to myself.  I spent the few hours Nick was gone editing and polishing up a portfolio for submission.  I took a quick break to grab a photo, but the vast majority of my evening was spent staring […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 330 – 339)

Nov 26 / 2014

A couple things are in my mind as I start to type this blog entry.  1.  How did it already  get to be a week and a half already since the last time I posted?  2.  Do I seriously only have 36 days left in this year-long challenge? Well, let’s zip back to the 16th of […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 320 – 329)

Nov 17 / 2014

Sunday, November 9th, I spent the day catching up on editing and paperwork, but made a quick trip to the Dollar Store for some fun props.  I picked up some confetti and glitter, and waited for Nick to get home from set.  When he eventually came home, I instructed him to lay on a black sheet on […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 313 – 319)

Nov 09 / 2014

Alright!  Here is my first post since moving my blog over from my old site into our new website.  If you’ve been subscribing to posts at paraphrasesblog.blogspot.com, you’ll need to switch over and follow here now as I won’t be writing in two places! I hurriedly finished building this site over the weekend and beginning […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 306 – 312)

Nov 03 / 2014

Friday, I remembered one of the many benefits of teaching piano after work almost every day:  You don’t CLOCK WATCH.  Oh man, having nothing to do Friday evening other than hang out with awesome friends made the day just drag by.  Eventually the clock finally hit 3:55pm, and I was out of there!  My husband […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 297 – 305)

Oct 24 / 2014

Tuesday, October 14th, I tried to shoot a bit more deliberately.  I’ve been preparing an application for the last half a year or so and had a friend review it for me before submission this month.  Turns out I have a bit more work to do, so I threw out a bunch of images and […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 287 – 296)

Oct 14 / 2014

Tuesday, October 7th, I started a new project at work and we had two days of orientation.  I’ll be working at a different location every Tuesday and Wednesday from this month onward until, at the very least, next Summer, helping test new software for the hospitals.  I’m excited for both the change in task and […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 280 – 286)

Oct 07 / 2014

  Sunday, September 28th, I enjoyed a nice sleep in after getting up so early the previous day to accompany my dad to the shooting range.  Nick was an absolute sweet heart and let me rest while he prepared scrambled eggs with avocado, bacon, sliced salami, fruit, and toast for us with jam he brought […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 271 – 279)

Sep 28 / 2014

  Friday, September 20th, I “only” had to do a little bit of correspondence and exporting photos.  9.5 hours later, I was still right where I started (physically) :P.  So much for an almost day off! Sunday, I headed over to a wedding shower after church and it had all my favourite goodies that I’m […]

365 Photography Project: (Days 263 – 270)

Sep 21 / 2014

Somehow in my daily postings on this blog, I didn’t actually put up September 4th’s photo!  Well, here it is.  I had to dust off the old guitar to learn a duet part to play with a piano student.  🙂  Turns out it was in a pretty hard key, so I’m glad she just asked […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 253 – 262)

Sep 11 / 2014

  Friday, my husband took me on The Most Amazing surprise date!  I won’t elaborate more here as I wrote an entire blog post just about the awesome experience, and if you’re interested, you can check it out HERE. Saturday I was hired to shoot my very first Romanian baptism.  I read a little about it […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 247 – 252: Summer Adventure Recaps)

Sep 04 / 2014

  Thursday, I came home and iced my feet as they were bugging me after a weekend of shooting and I had another two-day wedding coming up: Friday, we went over to some friends for dinner, board games, and hot chocolate.  We haven’t gone out in the evening together to play games with friends in […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 240 – 246)

Aug 29 / 2014

Thursday, I had a request from an upcoming wedding to do some cool photos using sparklers.  I wanted to make sure I had ballpark camera settings ready, so I borrowed Nick for a quick test drive.  It’s hard to remain perfectly still and draw a heart in the air, so it isn’t perfect, but it’s […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 233 – 239)

Aug 22 / 2014

It’s still August.  It’s still Summer.  But it’s changing.  The light is disappearing noticeably faster each day.  It’s taking on its Autumn-gold tinge too early.  I swear I saw my first red leaf yesterday boldly announcing that school buses will soon be retracing familiar paths and Pumpkin Spice Lattes will be gracing office desks. The […]

Photography 365 Project: (Day 232 – Summer’s End)

Aug 20 / 2014

I’m not going to lie, it’s getting tough to keep up with a photo for every single day.  I still haven’t missed or had to make up any, but I’m really glad we’re 231 done and only 134 to go!  I love shooting, and I love this project, but boy is it time consuming to […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 223 – 231)

Aug 11 / 2014

Tuesday, August 5th, I was looking back through my photos from this project so far and feeling pleased that, as a whole, they really do seem to represent our lives in 2014.  This was always my intent – to have a daily photo journal of the year.  I found a picture of Bacon from back […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 217 – 222)

Aug 05 / 2014

Last week Nick offhandedly mentioned that the summer camp we both worked at together ages ago asked him to go over and spend a couple days shooting a video for them, and they offered that I could come along as well.  Since Nick works Saturdays and I had used up all my holidays at work […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 215 – 216: Island Adventures)

Aug 03 / 2014

Thursday, around 8pm, we packed up the car with some snacks, an air mattress, camera gear, and a computer pre-loaded with a movie to watch.  I took Friday off work, so I knew we could stay out late.  We headed West to drive along the ocean to find a good location to see the stars. […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 212 – 214: Star Gazing)

Aug 02 / 2014

Ever since I moved down to the coast just over 5 years ago, we have had a summer tradition of going to  one night of the Festival of Lights, which is an international fireworks competition held in our city.  We did miss last year due to the craziness, but we’re back on track this year […]

Photography 365 Project: (Day 211: Festival of Lights)

Aug 02 / 2014

I’ve been a little absent lately online.  The end of July proved to be a bit busier than expected.  A few more piano students popping in for summer lessons, a heavier workload at the office, and a lot more photography gigs than anticipated, and way too many late nights.  All mostly good things.  Just busy […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 199 – 210)

Jul 18 / 2014

Thursday night, Nick had a meeting, so I had the place to myself and not much to do.  It was really nice! Friday was the beginning of a heat wave in these parts: Saturday I spent the entire day home alternating between editing photos and napping while Nick was off on a wedding: Sunday, after church, we headed out […]

Photography 356 Project: (Days 191 – 198)

Jul 10 / 2014

Wednesday, July 2nd, was a pretty ordinary day.  A little bit of piano teaching (to make up for not teaching on the Statutory Holiday the day prior), and still enjoying finishing my day in the daylight!  I so love Summer with my whole heart. Thursday, I had every intention of going to bed early.  Bringing my […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 183 – 190)

Jul 03 / 2014

I can’t believe that by the time I hit “Publish” on this blog post I will be officially half done my 365 project.  Craziness!  The people that I’ve met and the friendships that have formed through this are just a bonus to having half of 2014 documented in a photo book I’ve been creating as […]

Photography 365 Project (Days 174 – 182: HALF WAY!)

Jun 24 / 2014

Tuesday, June 17th, I may have set a record for how late we ate dinner.  Actually, scratch that.  (We ate dinner at 11:00pm last night).  Ironically, part of the reason for the delay was because I was working on this photograph.  I didn’t want to control my camera from my phone.  That would be too […]

Photography 365 Project: (Days 168 – 173 with a LOT of extras!)