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Apr 01 / 2016

This year, we were a sponsor at the Tri-Cities Wedding Show, which meant that in addition to running our booth, we also photographed the event.  Juggling this with our newborn proved to be interesting, but all-in-all a great time :).  We were in charge of documenting the venue and vendors, capturing the intricate details, covering the fashion […]

Tri-Cities Wedding Show

Jan 01 / 2016

I started 2015 running a very small photography business as I already had a full-time job that took up 50+ hours of my week with the commute, and a part-time job every evening on top of that.   Whatever time was left over, I dedicated to photography.  I wanted to make a few extra dollars to […]

2015 Year In Review

Mar 27 / 2015

Last weekend Nick and I ran a booth at the Tri-City Wedding show, and it was a lot of fun.  However, I think part of the reason that I loved it so much was because we were also hired to shoot the event itself, so we could alternate between manning the booth and going out and […]

Tri-City Wedding Show – Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

Feb 23 / 2015

This past weekend, I was asked to document my friend’s baby shower.  That sounds quaint and intimate doesn’t it?  Oh, don’t be deceived!  My friend loves on a LOT of people, and pours her heart and soul into being there for countless friends day and night.  I have never seen someone so invested in others’ […]

Avelynn’s Shower