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Nov 28 / 2017

The vision this family had for their shoot made my heart sing.  They wanted to capture their every-day, in the setting of their own home.  There was no forced “smile for the camera”.  No making kids sit still against their wills.  There was just playing together and being together.  In fact, it required almost no […]

M. Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 24 / 2017

Baby H. is one of the most even-keeled, chill kids I’ve EVER met.  I popped over to her house the other day to grab a few life-style portraits for her birthday coming up next week and also to be part of introducing her to her first sugar for a little cake smash.  Though, in her […]

Baby H. | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 21 / 2017

This mama and her family braved one of the coldest, wettest, windiest weekends of the year so far as we headed downtown for her photos.  Let me take a minute to tell you a little bit about her. Without this woman I would have never found my village, my tribe of mothers.  Back when I […]

O. Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 19 / 2017

This beautiful mama is expecting baby 3 after the holidays, and I was so thrilled to capture their family together in celebration of that.  Can I just say that I LOVE that this baby got its own photoshoot?  Even three children in, documenting this time, this pregnancy, this child was something important to this mama […]

D. Family Maternity Photos | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 15 / 2017

Most of my shoots are for friends or through word of mouth, but occasionally I get contacted out of the blue from a random Google search.  That was the case with this family, but we still found a source of connection as the mama who originally found me actually moved from the Coast to my […]

L. Extended Family | Derby Reach Park, Fort Langley | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 14 / 2017

When the weather wasn’t quite cooperating with us for our original idea of a colourful Fall family session, my dear friend asked if I would do an in-home documentary session for them.  I was thrilled to do something that’s a little bit different than my norm, but that was driven by a deep desire to […]

V. Documentary Family Session | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 10 / 2017

What do you get when you mix one of the most photogenic families I know with the cutest outfits, seasonal props, a tree farm, and an AMAZING sunset??  You get a blog post that is way, way too long.  Prepare for a massive overshare because I tried to narrow down my favourites but I still […]

W. Family | Alouette Tree Farm, Maple Ridge | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 09 / 2017

This weekend I got up in the middle of the night to nurse my youngest when I saw a message on my phone.  I went to check and met this lovely family searching for someone to do their family photos the next day as their photographer no longer could and everyone was already fully coordinated.  […]

R. Extended Family Session | Port Coquitlam | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 03 / 2017

I’ve known Matt Robinson for just over 7 years now, but this was the first time we had actually met in person!  If you’re looking for an amazing mortgage broker, I’m just going throw his name out there cause he’s fantastic, lol.  As a fellow boy-mama it was a privilege to capture their little tribe.  […]

R. Family | Derby Reach, Fort Langley | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 02 / 2017

This family is a little bit amazing.  If I had to describe them in one word it would be “authentic”.  Like TRULY authentic.  Not the kind of “hey look at how real life I am and be amazed” authentic that prevails current blog culture.  These people are who they truly are, unashamedly, and don’t live […]

V. Family | Fort Langley | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 30 / 2017

I met this mama online through a mutual friend and we started planning a Fall family shoot together as well as holding each other accountable over the Summer for baby weight loss goals, haha.  We chatted back and forth almost daily sometimes, checking in on each others’ progress and talking about good meal ideas until […]

T. Family Photos | Baby Announcement | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 21 / 2017

While I love watching families grow year after year, I am also loving all the new families that I’m meeting this Fall!  This mama is pretty amazing and I think we probably chat on Facebook almost every day now.  It’s extra fun that our youngest kids are less than two weeks apart in age.  While […]

M. Family | Port Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 19 / 2017

I think every photographer has an “ideal client”, or if they don’t, then I think they should because it tells you who you are as an artist and what you love to capture.  THIS family would be mine for so many reasons.  First, this mama has a heart for motherhood that mirrors my own.  I […]

S. Family | Derby Reach | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 11 / 2017

The first time I met these boys I think the youngest was only 4 years old and shyly started piano lessons with me.  They were friends with our current landlords at the time and I continued to teach the boys for the next few years, even after we switched cities.  What we didn’t know then […]

F. Family | Colony Farms | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 04 / 2017

I have had the pleasure of doing annual photos for these guys for the past few years and it’s been so fun to see their little family grow.  The kids each brought “someone special” along to their shoot as well.  I love incorporating memories like this <3.  Even looking back at my own family photos, […]

L. Family Shoot | Old Orchard Park | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 01 / 2017

This family is literally as fun as they look!  We played games, ate sugar, laughed, and ran around at full tilt during this photoshoot.  We may have even had a small timeout to recover from a head-on collision between littles as they frolicked as hard as they could!  The love this mama has for her […]

Sep 27 / 2017

I first met these guys when we moved into our new neighbourhood and discovered our complex was full of kids, families, and a sense of community that was very much lacking from our last area of residence.  These guys have been wonderful, from allowing us to traipse across their lawn to access ours for renovations […]

The B. Family Shoot | Port Coquitlam Family Photographer

Sep 21 / 2017

Can I start by saying that I just love this family?  I only became friends with this mama recently, but let me tell you what I know to be true about her.  She cares.  Deeply.  I see someone that wants to excel as a mother, as a wife, as a friend.  And while mommy guilt […]

TDS Family Photos | Derby Reach Park, Langley | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Sep 19 / 2017

So here’s the deal with my family.  I have two boys under 20 months and below is about as close as you’re going to get to us all looking at the camera at the same time.  Good job, Levi ;).  I tell my clients this and it’s true for me, also – that’s perfectly okay! […]

My Family Photos <3

Sep 18 / 2017

I’m sorry (#not sorry) for this huge overshare of images!  Tara is one of my dearest friends, and her husband and I worked together for a while and are basically the same person in male/female form so I love their whole family.  Also, they make THE prettiest tiny humans I have ever seen.  Like seriously. […]

Morgan Family Shoot | Deer Lake Park, Burnaby | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Sep 14 / 2017

Fall is DEFINITELY in the air around here!  Pumpkin spiced lattes are back in circulation, windows are being closed at night to keep the cold out, and cozy boots and vests are making their way back into fashion.  On top of that, check out the leaves here!  I couldn’t believe it as it was only […]

M. Family Shoot | Colony Farms | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Aug 15 / 2017

My friend and I have tossed around the idea of trading shoots for each other for a while now but, full disclosure?  Gosh was I nervous, lol.  Shooting for other photographers is something I’m doing more often these days, but the butterflies never quite go away when doing so, haha!  This shoot was a little […]

V. Family Gender Reveal | Surrey Bend | Family Photographer

Aug 01 / 2017

To myself:  I need to remember.  I can’t forget.  I need to remember the feel of you snuggled up against me in the wee hours of the morning.  The grip of your tiny arms as they hug my neck.  The way your eyes light up when we pause in front of a mirror and a […]

C Family Shoot | Deer Lake Park | Burnaby Family Photographer

Jun 30 / 2017

A friend of mine approached me about creating some content for a blog she is working on that will be talking about embracing exactly who you are.  If I had to describe exactly who she is, I would say: funny, exuberant, empathetic, non-judgemental, caring, open, colourful (literally!), and a giant sweetheart.  It was amazing to […]

W Family / Blog Shoot | Coquitlam Family Photography

May 25 / 2017

I think there may be few things more nerve-wracking than shooting for another photographer that you admire, but that’s how I kicked off my return from maternity leave last weekend!  Alyssa Kellert Photography documented our newest addition, baby Levi, last month and I got to return the favour with a family shoot for her.  Here are […]

The K Family | Derby Reach Park, Langley Family Shoot

Jan 05 / 2017

Christmas means tradition for a lot of people, and for this family, tradition means annual father-daughter photo shoots.  Love it!

The R. Family | Lafarge Lake, Coquitlam Family Shoot

Nov 09 / 2016

This Summer and Fall has been challenging from a photography standpoint in terms of weather.  We’ve had to rain-cheque a number of shoots due to downpours, but it’s been oh so worth it to grab those little pockets of gorgeous light in between the wet and soggy days.  It also doesn’t hurt when a family is […]

C. Family Shoot | Barnet Marine Park

Oct 28 / 2016

I do family shoots with all ages, but there’s something about kids this age that I just love.  They’re spunky, unpredictable, easy to make laugh, and sooo cute.  Perfect family, adorable outfits, and even a bit of sunshine!  Couldn’t ask for more <3.

The W Family | Deer Lake Park, Burnaby Family Shoot

Jan 01 / 2016

I started 2015 running a very small photography business as I already had a full-time job that took up 50+ hours of my week with the commute, and a part-time job every evening on top of that.   Whatever time was left over, I dedicated to photography.  I wanted to make a few extra dollars to […]

2015 Year In Review

Dec 30 / 2015

I was planning on taking a week off with family over the holidays, but when good friends of ours asked if we were available on Boxing Day to take some photos (the only day their family was all in town and together), I couldn’t say no.  We popped over for a quick family session in […]

Castrillon Family Shoot

Oct 06 / 2015

There’s a window here on the West Coast where the leaves start to turn vibrant Fall colours, but before the 7-8 months of solid rain begins.  The rain quickly takes all those colours and plasters them onto the streets below, where they turn brown and soggy as late Autumn sets in.  How long that window lasts depends on […]

Rossdeutscher Family Shoot | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Sep 01 / 2015

Back in the Spring, Joyce contacted me asking for family portraits with a sunset as the background.  We’ve been having a bit of a drought, to say the least, all year so we didn’t think finding a sunny evening would be too difficult.  Well, we were wrong!  Three times over the course of the Summer […]

Chasing Sunsets | Vancouver Family Photographer

Jul 10 / 2015

“We love real moments.  We love black and white photos.  We love candid.  We love kids just being kids.  We want photos of the chaos, and prefer them to formals, actually.  Oh, and you can pick the best photos and we’ll just take those ones.” Any photographers out there might be thinking I’m describing an […]

Fierro Extended Family Shoot | Vancouver Family Photographer

Mar 30 / 2015

This weekend I got to meet the truly awesome Fierro family.  Their kids are some of my favourite ages to work with (for teaching piano and for photography) as they have so much personality but aren’t “too cool” for my silliness yet!  And oh yes, there was much silliness to be had! I spent most of […]

Fierro Family Fun – Vancouver Family Photographer

Mar 02 / 2015

This weekend I had an evening date with little Samuel and his wonderful family.  We met down by the water just before dinner to go exploring in the park.  Samuel proved to be very interested in all the kids, dogs, and activities surrounding us, but not so interested in the camera.  Despite his fascination with everyone […]

Little Sam – Coquitlam Family Photography