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Oct 20 / 2019

I was interviewed once and they asked me why I shot so many genres of photography, versus specializing in just one. The answer is because to me, they are all connected. I love that I documented this little one’s parents when they were engaged, and then was with them on their wedding day. I love […]

Baby K | Vancouver Newborn Photographer

Jul 22 / 2019

Some of the images I adore the most of my own children aren’t where I get out fancy props and set-ups, but just where I am interacting with them, holding them, treasuring them. This is why I am a lifestyle photographer. I love and admire the work of portrait photographers and know what a huge […]

D Family Newborn Twins | Vancouver Newborn Photographer

May 29 / 2018

This sweet family and I have a long history.  They befriended me when I first moved to the coast 9 years ago this summer and didn’t know anyone other than Nick.  They let me practice on them when I was first learning photography and had yet to start a business.  And the dad and I […]

Twin Babies C & C | Vancouver Twin Newborn Photographer

May 17 / 2018

Last weekend I had the privilege of documenting little baby E who was only 8 days new.  Big sister decided to celebrate by declaring herself ready to be potty trained – nothing like adding some chaos to the mix of bringing home a new baby, but this mama is rocking it all like a champ!  You’ve […]

Baby E. | Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

May 14 / 2018

I have so many little babies to edit and post over the next week or so!  So many mamas giving birth this month <3.  This little guy came over for a photo shoot last Tuesday and was A-DORABLE.  He was just over 9lbs (the same size as my previous baby) and was only 9 days […]

Baby P. | Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

Feb 13 / 2018

I was interviewed a couple of years ago and one of the questions was why did I enjoy shooting so many different genres of photography.  Some people are solely wedding photographers, solely newborn, or solely family.  I do all three and a bit more.  My answer was something along the lines of it all feels […]

Baby Heidi | Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

Jan 30 / 2018

I have been waiting for this little bundle of squish to arrive ever since doing this family’s maternity / family photos last Fall  <3.  She showed up the day before her due date weighing over 8lbs.  I was pretty sure shooting her was going to give me baby fever, and I was right!  Those sleepy, pouty […]

Baby Athena | Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

Feb 27 / 2017

Our friends gave birth to the most adorable little girl this Winter, and I loved doing this lifestyle session for them of their now 2-month old, Hannah.  I also love her name (being that it is our first choice, too, if we ever stop having little boys, haha!).  She’s such an easy-going, smily baby, and […]

Baby Hannah | Coquitlam Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Jan 12 / 2017

What could be cuter than two little red-head sisters that adore each other.  Well, big sister adores little sister.  Little sister tolerates big sister.  Welcome to the world Bailey!  You are very, very loved.

Bailey Newborn Shoot | Vancouver Newborn Photographer

May 11 / 2016

Welcome to the world baby Carter!  You were 12 days new when we did your first photoshoot and you saved a few baby smiles just for us.  You also saved your first projectile poop for when I did a diaper change for mom and dad – thanks for that little buddy 😉

Baby Carter | Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

Apr 16 / 2016

Last weekend, I had the pure joy of documenting little Annora!  She is two pounds lighter than my little guy EVER was, and holding her brought back the baby-fever even though I’m still very much in the trenches of being a new mom, myself! She was a perfect sleeping angel for the beginning of her […]

Annora’s Newborn Shoot | Vancouver Newborn Photographer

Mar 04 / 2016

This past weekend marked the official end of my “maternity leave”. I have that in quotes because I’ve been teaching, emailing, posting, and meeting with clients all along, but I hadn’t actually picked up the camera and gone out to shoot since Micah arrived in January. It seemed fitting that my first shoot back was […]

Baby Myles | Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

Feb 10 / 2016

This post will be short and sweet in terms of text because momma is tired and has lots to do!  I will say that doing your own newborn photos is very emotionally and physically challenging, but also super rewarding.  I learned to just embrace some imperfection, and as a good friend of mine says, sometimes […]

Baby Micah – Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

Jan 01 / 2016

I started 2015 running a very small photography business as I already had a full-time job that took up 50+ hours of my week with the commute, and a part-time job every evening on top of that.   Whatever time was left over, I dedicated to photography.  I wanted to make a few extra dollars to […]

2015 Year In Review

Dec 16 / 2015

This past weekend I had two shoots scheduled, but the heavy downpour of rain postponed one.  However, it was the perfect sort of weather to crank up the heat, and cuddle our friends’ 12-day-old baby.  She took the first hour to convince that it was sleepy-time, but for the remainder of the morning, she was […]

Baby Lauwers Newborn Shoot

Apr 29 / 2015

Once upon a time I swore I would never shoot weddings.  Now I am a wedding photographer.  Once upon a time (read:  a few months ago) I swore I would never shoot newborns, but now I’m afraid I might be falling in love with that too….  Please let me introduce you to my dearest friend’s […]

Avelynn | Newborn Shoot

Feb 23 / 2015

This past weekend, I was asked to document my friend’s baby shower.  That sounds quaint and intimate doesn’t it?  Oh, don’t be deceived!  My friend loves on a LOT of people, and pours her heart and soul into being there for countless friends day and night.  I have never seen someone so invested in others’ […]

Avelynn’s Shower

Feb 08 / 2015

I’m writing this post on the weekend I was supposed to be doing a Newborn Shoot.  However, little Kezzie was so eager to meet the world that she came a few days ahead of schedule.  Thus, her and I made our acquaintance last weekend instead :).  Here she is in her 7-day-old glory.  All 5 and a […]

Baby Keziah – Newborn Photo Shoot