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Nov 25 / 2017

A lot of my DITL posts have been to remember special occasions – family holidays, Thanksgiving, weekends together, etc.  It has been a while since I did one that is just my every day life as a working mom of two young boys during the week.  In some ways those might be considered the more […]

November 2017 DITL (Day In The Life) | Thursday

Nov 04 / 2017

Thanksgiving morning started very early on my way to a shoot with the most beautiful sunrise and fog spreading across the fields.  I grabbed us some coffees and headed over to the river which we found was still blanketed in fog that made for some very cool photos!  After the shoot was over, I headed […]

October 2017 DITL (Day In The Life) | Thanksgiving

Oct 08 / 2017

I’m running a little behind on posting my personal DITL projects since we are in the heart of family photo season over here, but I thought Thanksgiving weekend seemed like the perfect time to step back from work a little bit and spend some time focusing on my own family, both in my editing and […]

September 2017 DITL (Day In The Life)

Sep 19 / 2017

So here’s the deal with my family.  I have two boys under 20 months and below is about as close as you’re going to get to us all looking at the camera at the same time.  Good job, Levi ;).  I tell my clients this and it’s true for me, also – that’s perfectly okay! […]

My Family Photos <3

Sep 05 / 2017

I was raised to think of vacations as rather frivolous, but I have to admit that after all the trips we’ve taken together, the memories really are worth the money.  That being said, we did upgrade our housing situation and have 2 babies less than 15 months apart in the last bit, so we won’t […]

August 2017 DITL (Day In The Life) | Vacation!

Jul 23 / 2017

July has been nick-named “solo parenting month” because out of the 31 days, Daddy is away for approximately 17 of them between four separate trips to various camps to make promotional videos and a weekend tournament event.  At the time that I’m writing this there are only two more days and one more overnight to […]

DITL – July 2017 | Solo Parenting Month

Jul 01 / 2017

Sometimes I wish I could hire myself to properly document our days.  The photographer in me cringes at the mixed lighting, out-of-focus shots, and sometimes total lack of creativity that these “DITL” posts end up with.  But there’s grace.  I am not shooting these for everyone else.  I am shooting these for me.  And it […]

June DITL (Day In The Life) | Fathers’ Day

May 26 / 2017

My day doesn’t really “end” when I have a newborn who is up constantly all night long, but if I had to “start” Wednesday’s day-in-the-life post off at a specific time, I would start it with this sweet face.  Levi has been fussy around 5:30/6:00am lately and Nick gets up with Micah at 7:00, so I […]

DITL – May 2017 | Wednesday

May 08 / 2017

I was looking forward to doing April’s DITL (Day In The Life) on Easter Sunday as a new family of four, but I wasn’t expecting our fourth member to show up 5 days after his latest EDD – estimated delivery date – (read: shooting two days after giving birth), so it’s a little cobbled together, […]

April DITL | Easter Weekend, A Birth Story

Mar 24 / 2017

“We have to stop thinking that anything less than perfect is failure.  We have to choose grace for ourselves and our abilities.  Because the minute we decide we’re going to stop being defined by what we don’t get done and instead take pride in what we are able to achieve, grace lets truth win and […]

DITL (Day in the Life) – March 2017 | Sick Days…

Mar 01 / 2017

“Because, friend, even if you are on top of it when it comes to cleaning and organizing, even if you haven’t related to one sentence of my stories about laundry-filled couches, even if you can’t stand clutter and your house is always put together, I want you to hear me say this:  The messy areas […]

DITL (Day In The Life) – February 2017

Jan 13 / 2017

It seemed fitting to do a wrap-up post for 2016 with not only my favourite highlights from client shoots throughout the year, but also a post for my favourite personal photos as well.  A lot has happened in our lives recently.  New baby.  Trip to Iceland.  Family moving into town.  New home.  Another new baby conceived. […]

New Year’s Post

Jan 09 / 2017

Once a month, for 2017, it’s my goal to do a day-in-the-life post to document our year and the changes within it.  The moments that seem boring or ordinary now, I know I will want to remember down the road.  You think you will remember it all, but you don’t even remember most of it. […]

DITL (Day In The Life) – January 2017

Aug 13 / 2016

Dear Micah, Well, we are back from Iceland, re-establishing our routines, and playing catch-up.  You bounced back faster than either mommy or daddy did. Later on in the month, we took a rare weekend off weddings to go visit your great grandparents.  Since you’re going to grow up and probably destroy things, we thought a more […]

July – 366 – Letter To My Son

Jun 30 / 2016

  DAY 8 Today was a bucket list item day!  I was so glad to discover that, even though it’s almost July, there were still remnants of turquoise-coloured ice to be found!  We don’t have too many family selfies from the trip due to Micah always napping in the car, but he was up for […]

Iceland Adventure: Days 8 – 10

Jun 27 / 2016

DAY 7 I realized that we are on this trip for 10 days, so if I post in batches of three, one day has to stand alone.  I chose today because we found our favourite part of Iceland so far!  We traveled pretty much down the entire Eastern side of the country today and it […]

Iceland Adventure: Day 7

Jun 26 / 2016

DAY 4 Friday was our last sunny day (so far), which is kind of sad!  We only had a 90-minute drive to get to our next location so were fully prepared to meander and take our sweet time.  However, an accident ended up closing the road about 30 minutes in so we took the longer […]

Iceland Adventure: Days 4 – 6

Jun 24 / 2016

Why Iceland?   That seems to be the question we get asked the most since announcing our travel plans.  Honestly, though, why NOT Iceland?  A couple of years ago, we asked ourselves where the most picturesque places to go and shoot would be, and thus Iceland and/or New Zealand were put on our proverbial bucket […]

Iceland Adventure: Days 1 – 3

Jun 14 / 2016

Dear Micah, It’s been 4 months now since you’ve joined our family and May was the month that you really became your own little person.  You are your father in every way.  You love people, you’re super friendly, and you’re pretty chill and laid back.  You also take after your mom’s love of sleep which […]

May – 366 – Letter To My Son

May 03 / 2016

Dear Micah, Life feels pretty normal now.  You’re no longer this strange being in our household that we are trying to adjust our lives around and learn to understand.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re still working on balance and you still bring constant newness to our every day, but you feel like one of the […]

April – 366 – Letter To My Son

Mar 23 / 2016

I have always loved “Day In The Life” posts. They’re like little windows where you can see into a whole new world of someone living a completely different life. It’s kind of like reality t.v. for the photography world! In fact, I was so intrigued by the idea that I did one back in August 2015. […]

A Day In The Life (of balancing work and motherhood)

Mar 07 / 2016

As I was looking back at all my daily shots from February, I was thinking, “boy, there’s a lot of baby photos in there!”  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that he’s only been around for 7 short weeks and is still so brand new to us.  Back at the beginning of the month (when he […]

February – 366

Feb 04 / 2016

This year, I’m doing another 365 (a photo each day for a year), though technically it’s a 366 since it’s a leap year.  However, January is also the month our little one decided to arrive early so I’m combining this post into a “birth story” as well since I’ve had a few people ask after […]

January – 366 – A Birth Story

Oct 16 / 2015

So, I’m cheating a little bit for this “15” post since all 15 photos were taken within about 15 seconds of each other ;).  Today is the day that we finally opened the envelope that has been sitting on our kitchen counter for the last week and a bit with our baby’s gender inside it! […]

October 15 on the 15th for 2015 | Baby Gender “Reveal”

Sep 16 / 2015

So the original plan was to keep these 15 on the 15th posts for my personal projects.  Well, I lasted until September!  But, alas, I have taken all of THREE photos for myself in the last month.  August turned out to be crazy busy with multiple photoshoots per week, and a good amount of weddings […]

September 15 on the 15th | Month In Review

Aug 15 / 2015

Thanks for stopping in on our little blog circle again!  Don’t forget to head over to my friend Jennifer’s blog when you’re done here! I’ve wanted to do a Day In the Life (DITL) post since I first heard about them, and finishing my full-time job downtown was the perfect excuse to finally grab my […]

August 15 on the 15th for 2015 | Day In The Life

Jul 15 / 2015

Due to a still recovering hand injury, I’ve been out for the past couple of months on sharing my 15 on the 15th.  And even now I’m taking it pretty casually, but I’m glad to be back in the circle again and sharing :).  When you’re finished here, feel free to take a stroll over […]

July 15 on the 15th for 2015

Apr 14 / 2015

This blog post is going to be a little harder to write than normal.  I had all sorts of plans for it originally.  We were heading back to the Valley that I grew up in for Easter, and I was so excited about some of the shots I was going to get for this month’s […]

April 15 on the 15th for 2015

Mar 15 / 2015

This month’s photos came from a grand adventure.  It all started with a casual Facebook conversation with a fellow photographer down in the States whom I’ve never met.  I have a lot of friends online that I’ve never actually met in person, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary.  Somehow, though, we got to talking about […]

March 15 on the 15th for 2015

Feb 15 / 2015

Somehow the 15th of February snuck up on me, and I had to madly dash around to try and collect 15 photos in the last week.  (I am trying deliberately not to use client shoots for this project as the whole point of it is to keep me shooting for ME, and to keep pushing my limits […]

15 on the 15th for 2015 – February

Jan 15 / 2015

  Those of you who have been around here for a bit know that last year I was heading up a 365 project.  One single photo, taken every single day, for a full year.  I am beyond thrilled to have completed it, but will be honest and say that I’m not up to that level […]

15 on the 15th for 2015 (January – Mexico)

Sep 04 / 2014

Just a short post to say I was recently honoured when fellow photographer, Jill Camacho Quash, asked to feature me in her blog!  If you’re interested in the read, you should head over and check it out!  Plus, her blog / website is gorgeous, so you should go look just for that alone 🙂 Check […]

Photography Interview

Jul 03 / 2014

Yesterday, Nick and I decided to play tourist in our own city.  He has lived here for 7 years and I have lived here for 5, and yet we have never done much that is truly “Vancouver”.  We were either always too broke or too busy.  This year has been a year of finding a […]

Aquarium, Sea Wall, and Fireworks (Canada Day)

Jun 11 / 2014

I used to think that if I was a great photographer, I would just pick up a camera and magic would happen.  Sometimes it does.  That’s always the goal – to get it right SOOC (Straight-Out-Of-Camera), but in reality, without any post-processing work at all, the photos are usually going to look rather ordinary – […]

Sometimes SOOC Just Ain’t Gonna Cut It!

Mar 29 / 2014

From walking in the DRY evening taking some photos, to suddenly waiting under a tree for 15 minutes for Nick to come and rescue me from a torrential downpour, to the entire world going grey and foggy with it being almost impossible to see out the car windows, to brilliant golden light bursting through, I’m […]

Weather Schizophrenia