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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page!  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  No problem – just use the “Contact” Tab, or email Laura directly at Laura@ParaphrasePhoto.com, with any other questions you have!

Do you offer any albums, canvasses, etc. with your packages?

Yes, I do have the option of adding those to any package.  However, this is what I usually recommend instead:  Come have coffee with me, and I will show you all of my sources for both canvases and albums, and can even teach you how to do it yourself.  It’s an opportunity for me to allow you to save a bit of money.  However, if that seems like an awful lot of work and you would rather me do it for you because your time is precious, I would love to! 

What do you mean when you say photos are “fully-edited” with “full print release”.

Fully-edited means that I will not simply run a preset or drop a template on your album and call it done.  I believe every single photo, no matter how large the package, deserves my individual attention to bring it to its fullest potential.  

A full print release means that I will deliver your photos to you at full-size with no printing limitations.  Some companies only provide digital files of a certain size, forcing you to purchase individual hard-copy prints from them if you want any of your photos blown up larger.  In today’s digital age, I think you should have full control over how many copies or how large you want your images to be, and I will provide you with the full-sized digital files to give you that freedom.

Do you pose us?

I will absolutely give you some direction if you find yourself standing there on the other side of the lens wondering what to do!  I will often guide you in a way that encourages you to feel natural and not “positioned” or “posed”.  For example, I may suggest you snuggle up closer and lean in for a kiss or a secret, and then document the authentic moments that follow.  I want to capture your real, candid interactions.  I want to capture YOU.  You only need to show up and love on each other and I will take care of the rest <3.  

How soon can we expect our photos, and how will we receive them?

For smaller galleries (families, e-shoots, etc.), I will usually have them back to you within a week or two.  For weddings, I aim for 3-8 weeks, but honestly try to make you wait no longer than a month unless it is an exceedingly busy time of year.  All shoots will have a “sneak peek” posted online within a day or two of the shoot so you can see a sample of what’s to come :). 

For delivery, I will email you a private link from which you can download all of your photos safely to your computer or hard drive.

What do you recommend if it rains?

Well, as you know, we live on the West Coast so this is a valid question most months of the year!  If you particularly hate the idea of getting wet, we can always look for sheltered areas such as under bridges or in heavily treed parks.  We can reschedule your session to a day where the weather is more cooperative, too, so don’t worry.  But if you are game, we can always also just go buy some cute matching boots and umbrellas and embrace West Coast living in all it’s glory!  

What should I wear to my photo shoot?

Wear something that you will feel good in!  If you like to dress up, by all means dress up!  If you feel like you prefer a more casual look, then dress more casually.  Whatever makes you feel confident.  The additional advice I usually give my clients is don’t wear tops with images or words on them as that will detract the focus away from you.  Also, be cautious of overly bright shirts and dresses.  For example, a bright green or red article of clothing will throw that colour back up onto your skin, giving you a green or red hue.  Neutral colours as a base are often the easiest in this regard, and it’s also fun to mix in some complimentary patterns!  Let’s chat if you want some help piecing your outfits together!  Lastly, think about what you want to use the photos for.  Will you be putting them up in your home?  If so, what are the colours in your house?  You may like to dress in a way that will compliment your existing decor.  

How would you describe your photography style?

When I was in grade 3, there were very important questions that you asked each other as classmates.  Questions such as what is your favourite colour, or what is your favourite animal?  I decided that my favourite colour would be “iridescent” (I am aware that is not actually a colour), and that my favourite animal would be the Arctic Fox.  Why? Because I liked to be different even from a very young age.  I like to be different with my photography as well.  I like to play with light and composition in a way that will make your photos stand out from the crowd.  I think almost anyone can capture a moment if they are in the right place at the right time.  But to be able to capture that moment and have it also be a piece of art is what drives my style.