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Feb 28 / 2018

February 2018 | 365 Project Favourites

by Laura

Category : 365 photography project, personal photography, x - living daily, x - my family


February is often viewed as a more dreary month and it can be a struggle to find inspiration, to find beauty in the everyday.  But I think the added challenge of being cooped up indoors helped me to really be deliberate about what I wanted to capture.  It helped me hone in on what makes us, “us”.  From favourite colouring activities, to mini family road trips.  From the sweet and simple monotony of cuddles and nursing to classic fun found in wooden tracks and stuffed bears.  February was also sprinkled with an extra bit of magic found in unexpected snowfalls and dearly hoped for “yes’s”.  This is our February.  This is our family.  This is us.

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8 thoughts on “February 2018 | 365 Project Favourites

  1. Kris

    Beautiful! Every shot makes me want to go back to Baby Days and snuggle my boys one more time.

  2. Elyse

    Laura // there is such a unique creativity in all of your photos! I love them and feel warmth and a sense of “home” in each photograph! What an exciting month for you with your pregnancy. I wish you health through it all. Aloha! xx

  3. Margaret

    Love these! So glad to be back with you…enjoying your creative eye!

  4. Alyssa Kellert

    You got so many great ones this month!! I love all the self portraits, especially the one in the reflection, definitely my fav.

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