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Nov 20 / 2013

Just For Fun

by Laura

Category : x - living daily


I’ve been doing a lot of posts lately that are largely photo-based, so here’s a little text-based one to even things out 🙂

10 Random Facts About Me – Just Because:

1.  Even though I own an iPhone, with a Contacts List, I still manually dial in 90% of phone numbers by heart.  It’s faster than opening the Contacts List.  I secretly like push-button phones because I can “hear” how fast I’m dialling.

2.  Whenever I am getting food or drinks for Nick and myself, I will eat/drink the difference if one plate or cup has more than the other when Nick is not looking.  This way it is “even” when I put it on the table.  Similarly, if I steal food off one plate, I will steal an equal amount off the other.  You know, just to keep things fair 😉

3.  My intense introverted nature may or may not make me one of those people that hold the elevator “close door” button to prevent others from joining me in the tight space.  I will only do this if they are not obviously already running to catch it.  I’m not a complete jerk.  I just don’t want them to get any ideas about thinking they might join me.

4.  I appreciate a good bowl of cereal as much as I do a good bowl of ice cream.  The two foods hold an equal place in my heart, and my brain associate them together because they are both milk dishes in a bowl.  In fact, if you offered me a bowl of ice cream or a bowl of sugar cereal for desert, I will almost always choose the cereal.

5.  Okay, this one is a bit embarrassing.  I am BEYOND OCD when setting my alarm for the morning.  I will set both my alarm clock and my phone alarm 5 minutes apart, and will check each of them at least 3-4 times each before finally going to sleep.  I even made up this little song about it that I sing and now Nick sings too.  It’s complete ridiculousness.

6.  I’m not good at sight reading music.  When my piano students ask me to play a piece for them, I always tell them to “work through it once first, and then I’ll play it for you”, and then while I walk them through it, I am intensely memorizing as I go.

7.  I really enjoy board games, but I avoid them because they STRESS ME OUT.  No matter how many times I tell myself to relax and that it’s just a game, I have this overwhelming need to WIN.  So much so that I avoid playing because I want to avoid the inner stress.  I sabotage my own enjoyment and can’t help it!

8.  If I lick my fingers while cooking or baking, I decide whether I should wash my hands again or not based on how hot the food is being cooked at.  For example, cookies?  Do you REALLY think a few germs would survive 350 degrees?  I don’t think so.  I have Googled this, so you can relax if I ever give you baking 😉

9.  I don’t really like socks.  Probably because I wear Nick’s worn-out, stretched-out, way-too-big-for-me socks.  I only own about four pair of my own, so they go quick when you’re a month between loads of laundry (there’s a free random fact for you on how often laundry gets done in our house).  I wish I owned more socks.  But I can’t bring myself to buy something like that when Nick has a bazillion pairs and they get the job done.

10.  My least favourite feature about myself is my hair, and namely my bangs.  My hair is neither curly nor straight.  It is just “poofy”.  I want it to be one or the other.  Preferably straight.  And my bangs are unruly.  I often bring bobby pins or a straightener to work with me just to fix whatever they have turned into by the time I get off the bus.  Oh, and my hair also started going grey when I was 27.  Basically, it hates me.

9 thoughts on “Just For Fun

  1. Loved learning more about your, Laura! And wow, that’s amazing you memorize so many phone numbers. I’m pretty sure I only know my husband’s and my parents’ by heart.

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