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Aug 21 / 2018

K&G Couple’s Shoot | Coquitlam Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : family photography

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I think people have a misconception about what you need to have for a “family shoot”.  You don’t need a certain amount of kids (or any kids!) to justify documenting your life, and who you are, and who you love.  Nick and I did a couple’s shoot a few years into our marriage and a few years before kids “just because”.  Just because I didn’t want to one day look back and have only random iPhone photos of over half a decade of our time together.  I wanted nice photos of what we were like “back then”.  I love that this couple did the same.  We did a small shoot out by the smokey lake with them and their “fur baby”, Willis, who was quite concerned by the whole event so we sent him home with a friend after a couple quick shots at the beginning.  I love that they have these photos to look back on the same way Nick and I do <3.


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