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Nov 20 / 2017

O & J Engagement Shoot | Coquitlam Engagement and Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : engagement photography


My husband and I have a photo of us dancing in the rain that I took with a remote and a tripod years ago and a lot of people comment on it when I display it at wedding shows.  We always tell everyone the same thing: “If you want to come out into the middle of a rainstorm with us, we can make that happen for you!”.  Other than the fact that a few weddings have been on very rainy days where we could recreate something similar, people generally never want to do this!  Until now!  This is the first couple that has watched the weather forecast with us waiting for the rainiest day possible.  Last weekend’s storm provided us with the perfect opportunity and we went out and got THOROUGHLY soaked.  Well, I did.  My husband stayed nice and dry with our babies, haha.  But guys, it was SO worth it.  Here are a few favourites from O & J’s super wet, super soggy, pretty cold, but epically awesome engagement shoot!

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