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Nov 09 / 2014

One-Month-Without Finished!

by Laura

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So last night marked the end of our one-month-without buying anything.  I’d have to say that it was a lot easier than we thought.  When we got within 5-6 days of the end, I started craving some sushi, though, haha.  We learned not only to be more thankful for what we have, but we also learned that we really don’t need anywhere near what we think we do.  In fact, neither of us have any grocery shopping plans in mind for the next little while due partly to our schedules and partly to the fact that we still have SO. MUCH. FOOD.  There’s a couple things we’re out of (like peanut butter), but we’ve just been finding alternatives quite happily.  Perhaps we’ll pick up a few things later in the week, but we’re actually just fine “making do” with the food we have.  It will be nice to buy some treats again, though!  And I suppose it is time to start thinking of Christmas shopping, isn’t it?

I figured this post would be more dramatic, or enlightening, or amazing, or… something.  But it’s not.  We didn’t buy anything for a month, and we are totally fine.  It wasn’t even that hard, and we’re thinking of making it a yearly event.  It’s good to remember, and be thankful, and do without.  It’s good for the heart and for the wallet, too 🙂

And yes, I totally got sushi the minute our month was up!


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