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May 09 / 2014

The Great Adventure – Day 22

by Laura

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Today we drove from Saskatoon to Calgary – a familiar trek that we do at least once every other year (and sometimes more often), but usually in the snow.  It was easy driving on the flat prairie so Nick and I took turns with the passenger catching up on correspondence.  We probably burned through a significant portion of our monthly data, but it was so nice to have mobile internet again that actually works!





We spent the night in Calgary with Nick’s sister and arrived just in time for dinner.  Stevie (Nick’s oldest sister – he has three if you’re trying to count) made a fire and picked up some smokies and smores for us.  We officially hung out with all the siblings on this trip except Jessie, Nick’s brother, who lives with Stevie in Calgary, but was in Manitoba when we came through.



Her roommates joined us and more friends came by as the evening went on.

As it got later, Nick and I said goodnight and headed indoors to relax.  We snuggled beside each other in Stevie’s comfy bed working on our computers and being serenaded by guitar-accompanied singing from the living room late into the night as others migrated in from outside.  Apparently this is somewhat normal to Nick, but it was a treat for me 🙂



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