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Feb 15 / 2015

15 on the 15th for 2015 – February

by Laura

Category : Personal


Somehow the 15th of February snuck up on me, and I had to madly dash around to try and collect 15 photos in the last week.  (I am trying deliberately not to use client shoots for this project as the whole point of it is to keep me shooting for ME, and to keep pushing my limits both technically and creatively as a photographer).  So these photos are a bit scattered and are a combination of a couple outings into the dark with my husband as well as a few Valentine’s Day shots.  Some of the photos are works in progress where I didn’t quite nail the concept (or focus!), and I will be reshooting in the future.  And some are exactly what I was hoping for.  As always, please feel free to continue through the entire blog circle (there are 8 of us now) and check out the work of some very talented ladies across the globe that I’m partnering up with.  If you like, you can start with my friend across the border – Jennifer Bogle – when you’re finished here :).

Feb 15-4

Feb 15-5Feb 15-7

Feb 15-6

Feb 15-9Feb 15-820150214-IMG_146420150214-IMG_1466Feb 15-11Feb 15-14Feb 15-13Feb 15-15Feb 15-10Feb 15-1Feb 15-2



The photos in the rain that are not silhouettes were taken with two off-camera-flashes.  One was directly behind the subject(s) and the other was to the left of the camera.  The silhouette shots were taken with just a single flash behind the subject(s).

The non-raining park photos (with the city scape in the background) were taken with an off-camera-flash firing to the left of the camera.  The light behind the row of coloured umbrellas, was a second off-camera-flash which was hand held and fired rapidly into each umbrella.  We could have done this with a rear curtain sync (i.e. ran and fired behind each umbrella first, and then finished the shot by firing the main flash to the left of the camera with us standing in position).  However, we found it easier to just do a composite of two shots.  The first shot was Nick running and firing the hand-held flash 6 times (once into each umbrella).  Then the second shot was us standing over behind the umbrellas and just firing the flash from the left. We merged the two in Photoshop for the finished product.  This is one of the photos I’m not entirely happy with (for more reasons than just missing the focus slightly) and will probably be reshooting in the future.

The jumping photo was using off-camera-flash to freeze Nick’s motion while having a slower shutter speed to allow some ambient to enter the frame.  This is another one I would like to experiment with more as the motion wasn’t completely frozen and there is still some blur.

6 thoughts on “15 on the 15th for 2015 – February

  1. Angela

    Laura… always amazing with the OCF!!! Love your client images, but love that you are keeping this about you!! 😀 <3!

    1. admin

      Thanks, Angela! I have to, or else I will forget to pick up the camera for the reasons I started in the first place :).

  2. I can’t wait to start the OCF class next week and seeing your work is one reason why! Beautiful photos!! I love the rain ones. 🙂

    1. admin

      Thanks! I’m glad to have someone that loves shooting all the same type of stuff I do as a friend 😀

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