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Aug 02 / 2022

L&S Engagement Shoot | Langley Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Engagement

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couple holding hands and looking at each other with mountains and lake behind them
man twirling woman in forest with sunset behind them

If you’re wondering why I have included all of ONE gorgeous sunset/fern photos it’s because the second we stepped into the woods the mosquitos descended like a swarm of bees – literally. I burst out about 5 poses in rapid-fire and then we ran for it. I just couldn’t pass up on that sun flare in the trees that I saw saw peeking through on our drive to the lake. Shockingly, as soon as we got to the beach, there were ZERO mosquitos and we had a perfect evening that ended up with one of us jumping in the lake (spoiler – sadly it wasn’t them, haha). Can’t wait to shoot their wedding this Fall which is two days before my own anniversary!

close up of woman's hands with engagement ring hugging the neck of a man
couple hugging and smiling at each other on beach with greenery behind them
couple looking at each other with greenery surrounding them and man touching her face
man whispering into woman's ear while they sit on a log together
couple sitting on log and smiling for the camera on a beach
silhouette of couple in front of lake and mountains
man stroking woman's hair with mountains and lake behind them
couple walking on beach with trees behind them smiling at each other
couple smiling for camera surrounded by leaves with man gives woman a piggy back ride
couple smiling at each other and wading in the water at a beach
couple holding hands wading in the water with mountains in background and leaves in foreground
couple standing in the water laughing together with mountains behind them
woman smiling at man giving her a piggy back ride with greenery behind them
close up of feet wading in the water with couple holding hands
close up macro shot of engagement ring sitting on a branch surrounded by leaves
couple holding hands and walking down the middle of a road into the forest

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