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Jan 02 / 2019

2018 Personal Recap

by Laura

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I feel like I should have some deep or super inspiring thing to post here, but the truth is that I don’t! As I head into 2019 I’m not overcome with ambition to try to be more, do more, accomplish more, see more, or anything “more”. I feel like my life is super full already! I feel like I wake up every day and try to figure out the balance between mom, wife, friend, photographer, homemaker, daughter, sister, etc. I feel like I’m constantly winning and constantly failing. I feel like I have an overwhelming desire to be the best that I can be in all things, but constantly battle with there not being enough hours in the day to do so. I have no grand plans or hopes for 2019, or profound revelations from 2018. I’m just a girl figuring out life one step at a time, sharing some of her favourite moments from the past year and hoping for more in this next season.

I will say, however, that narrowing down 365 photos to my top 3 favourite from each month was VERY difficult – especially the month after Theo was born. Do I pick my favourite memory, my favourite photo, my favourite lighting, or my favourite expression? Photography is art, and art is subjective so these are not necessary the “best” or the most “popular” photos from each month, but they are my personal favourites for various reasons. I hope you enjoy!

JANUARY: A month of rainy days, indoor activities, and playing with light.

FEBRUARY: A month of more indoors. Quiet cuddles, colouring, and savouring the last bit before my baby turned 1. Also, growing new life inside <3.

MARCH: The first hint of Spring and the first time my big boy with speech delays called me “mom” as he sleepily made his way down the stairs after a nap.

APRIL: The end of my first trimester and Levi turning 1 <3.

MAY: A month (well, 17 days) of solo parenting while daddy filmed in Turkey. First steps for Levi and first solo Costco trip for me preggo with two littles.

JUNE: Beach days, long walks, wedding season.

JULY: Hot, long days and where inspiration started to lag.

AUGUST: Family <3. Camping trips and ordinary life just being together.

SEPTEMBER: So pregnant! We basically lived on the couch for this month.

OCTOBER: Fall outings and FINALLY – 5 days late as per usual – baby Theo!

NOVEMBER: All about Theo <3

DECEMBER: All things Christmas and enjoying being NOT pregnant and healed up from birth.

And now onto 2019. Another year of memories to document <3. Happy New Year, everyone!

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