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Dec 09 / 2014

Ana & Alex Wedding

by Laura

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Last weekend I had the privilege of capturing a very special day for two very-much-in-love people.  After waking up to a Winter Wonderland from the year’s first snowfall, Nick and I jumped in the car early and headed out to pick up Christmas drinks at Starbucks.  Then I dropped him off to hang out with the guys for the day while I headed back to our neighbourhood to capture the bride getting ready with her family.  Their apartment was gorgeous and full of great natural light.  (There was also some definite house envy going on and joking about how the fine print of their contract says we were to trade condos after the wedding, haha).  Once everyone was ready to go, we took a short drive over to the museum train car (yes, a train) where the Ceremony was to take place.





We grabbed a couple quick shots in one of the tiny chambers of the train while the family took their seats in the adjoining section.  I ran out ahead of her to capture their first looks, and what great looks they were!  This was followed by exchanging the vows they wrote for each other,  signing the paperwork, and their first kiss and husband and wife!



first look





While the family had light snacks, we stole away for a few photos within the train car itself as no one was ready to brave the outside cold just yet.  We did eventually make our way outside, and everyone was a real trooper.  No slips on the ice, and lots of cuddling to keep warm.  I also learned that if I do more winter weddings, I really need to invest in actual waterproof boots!





RobinsonFinal-9 RobinsonFinal-10


We had about an hour between the photoshoot and when we needed to leave for the reception.  The couple headed home for a rest, so I took advantage of being so close to home myself!  I ran up the stairs of our condo, quickly started offloading some photos, and had a warm 20-minute bath to try and thaw my frozen toes!  I left with enough time to stop for gas and pick up some sparklers for later that evening, though.  The reception was at the Salmon House up in West Vancouver with a view of the city that made me so sad it was freezing and cold and dark outside.


I have to take a moment and do a shout-out to my friend, Andrea, and her AMAZING baking skills.  Seriously, if you want wedding favours that are unique and out of this world, let me know and I will hook you up!  These “cakes” are the most delicious cookies I have EVER tasted.  She even makes custom-made bridal cookies to match your body shape and exact dress!



The reception was a quiet dinner with family, a couple dances, and then an evening of conversation and impromptu toasts.  We wrapped really early for a wedding, but couldn’t leave without at least one more fun shot!  My assistant, who came along to help me out with lighting and get experience shooting weddings, was a trooper and refused to go home even when I told him he could.  He stood there in the middle of the freezing cold parking lot while I set up my gear around him and tested it so that the bride and groom only had to come outside for one quick shot.  We nailed it on the first take and everyone hustled back inside to have some hot cocoa before hitting the road.




And thus wraps our very last wedding of 2014!

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