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Feb 22 / 2022

A & E Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Weddings

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bride and groom holding hands and smiling while they walk down a path

We had a whirlwind, 1-hr block of time together to capture all the things that needed to be remembered. The moments before. The first looks. The hugs. Those that could be present, and those who were present in memory. The emotion. The humour. And a few portraits in the lingering light. I can’t wait to meet up next year with these two and document the full celebration that Covid restrictions stole from them.

black and white image of jean jacket saying the bride with bride in background
bride adjusting earring in the mirror
bride walking down the aisle with her mom
groom standing at altar seeing his bride for the first time
bride hugging her mom goodbye at wedding altar
groom offering hand to bring bride to altar
bride looking up at groom with tears in her eyes
groom looking with love at his bride
picture of bride's father sitting in chair
bride and groom at altar with reflection in floor tiles
groom putting ring on bride's finger
bride and groom at altar being recorded on cell phone
bride crying while groom reads his vows
someone getting bride step stool to use for first kiss
bride and groom first kiss with bride on step stool
bride and groom smiling and coming back down the aisle after wedding ceremony
bride and groom looking at each other with love
bride and groom holding each other wearing jean jacket that says the bride
groom twirling bride around while she laughs
bride and groom posing in the middle of a path near a golf course
close up of locket on bride's hands showing images of her father
close up of wedding bands tucked inside roses
bride and groom holding hands and walking down a path looking at each other

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