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Aug 23 / 2023

A Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

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parents in water with dress clothes on splashing with toddler son

We weren’t sure if we could see the mountains with all the smoke billowing in from the MANY forest fires in our province, but they were still there – the misty mountains. It was a tiny bit of an editing nightmare for me un-oranging their skin from the smokey sunset, but we did it! All that being said, I am so thankful to live in an area unaffected by these fires right now. I spent my childhood being evacuated, and I’ve been watching friends and family fear for their homes these past weeks. Extra thankful for the cooler, rainier weather coming in.

toddler boy climbing over boulders along the lake's shore with smokey mountains in the background
toddler boy climbing a big rock beside the side of a lake
close up of toddler boy laughing at the beach
mom holding toddler boy's hand as they wade into the water with smokey mountains in the background
toddler boy exploring the rocky shore of a lack with smokey mountains the background
toddler boy running along the rocky shore of a lake and smiling at the camera
toddler boy splashing in the water with a dress shirt on
toddler boy hugging his mama's leg in the water
parents in water with dress clothes on splashing with toddler son who they are swinging between their arms
toddler boy hugging his mom on a rocky beach shore
toddler boy on his dad's shoulders at the beach smiling at his mom
toddler boy playing peek-a-boo inside a giant tree stump
mom holding and hugging toddler boy with smokey sunset coming through the trees behind
young boy looking over his shoulder as he heads towards the woods
mom holding child's hand and they walk towards the lake together through a tunnel of trees
young boy knee deep in water with mountains behind him in a dress shirt and shorts
family of three fully clothed in the lake splashing each other with mountains behind them
toddler boy snuggled up against his mama's skirt at the beach
family sitting on rock by water with young boy leaning over to see tadpolls

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