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Jul 11 / 2024

A&B Wedding | Pitt Meadows Wedding Photographer

by Laura

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Love, love, loved getting to watch these two tie the knot on probably the second hottest day of the year so far! They were troopers!! From a photographer perspective, this was a tough venue because it was full sun and there was almost NO open shade. I’m going to share a few tips and tricks for the other wedding photographers reading this.

  1. I don’t normally do a ton of black and white, but if you have a blown, bright sky as your backdrop, black and white images have that extra special “pop” to them so I was much more liberal with this gallery and converting images.
  2. There were a very FEW pockets of shadow and I MILKED them when I could.
  3. I made sure I got the processional at the ceremony coming out of the building walking into the sun so that it fell evenly across their faces. When they turned to come down the actual aisle half their face was full sun and half was full shadow. I did get some aisle photos of course, but I really tried to focus on them BEFORE they hit the aisle with the more even lighting and the greenery as the backdrop vs. cement. My 70-200mm lens was my saviour here. I also managed to get the bride and her father in the literal 3 seconds of shade under a tree coming out of the building.
  4. My straight-out-of-camera images were awful – on purpose! I was shooting right in the middle – not too bright and not too dark so that I could pull down my highlights and up my shadows in post so most of the detail was retained.
  5. I took them out again later when the light was softer for more couple portraits.

I do love the challenge every wedding presents with new spaces, places, and lighting. Full sun is probably one of the biggest challenges for any photographer, but I hope some of these tips are helpful! Enjoy some highlights from the day below!

bride and groom kissing with wedding party around them

One thought on “A&B Wedding | Pitt Meadows Wedding Photographer

  1. Lori Dohnal

    Beautiful Photos. Congratulations to the both of you. We wish you all the best always and are so proud to have you Alexis in the family. Best wishes always

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