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Motherhood is something more than just to be survived. 

Motherhood is a season to fully embrace with love, nurture, compassion and all the feels. Sure, we have days when we operate fully in “survival mode,” but we push through (with copious amounts of coffee and a good dose of humour) to enjoy the amazingness of creating and celebrating life.

Hi, I’m Laura, a coffee-loving, outgoing introvert with a passion for weddings, motherhood and photography.

family with three young boys sitting in the water laughing with mountains in backdrop

I have three small children under three and have been enjoying life on the West Coast of BC with my husband for over 14 years.

Motherhood has given me the opportunity to become a recovering perfectionist who is learning to embrace the real, the authentic, the messy and the chaos. (Though some days I’m admittedly better at this than others.)

I want you to just show up and love on each other because that’s where the magic truly happens.

I believe in creating a space for families to breathe and just “be.”

Let your kids run haywire, be shy, be hyper… melt down, fall down or break down – then brush it off, get up and keep on loving. Let them be as charming or as dramatic as they are in real life, and we will capture it all in a beautiful way. I’m here to stand with you and say, “Yep, mama, me too!”

As I dive deeper into the throws of motherhood, parenting three children (two with extra needs) I’m realizing there’s so much more on my heart to share, and I can’t say it all with photos alone.  So “Thoughts on Motherhood” was born as a complement to my main photography blog.  Enjoy!

Let’s break the stereotype of a traditional family photo session.


• swoon over how soft and squishy your babes’ cheeks are when they lay their heads against yours.

• appreciate the tiny curls, the fistfuls of shirt, the soft lashes and the imperceptible moments in between sleeping and waking.

• want to freeze in time all these little details because while the days are long, the years are so short.

(me too!)

• embrace imperfection, knowing you don’t need to be all “put together” all of the time.

• welcome grass-stained knees and straw bits in hair because what matters most is the look on your child’s face.

• believe real and tender moments trump “smiling and happy always for the camera” moments because…

You know there is real beauty in exactly how your life is right now.

It’s exhausting pretending to be something we’re not, so let’s not do it in photos either.

Who you are, JUST as you are, has tremendous value and is worth capturing.

You bring you, and I’ll bring the coffee ;).


A session with me is a safe space for families to just BE rather than a place to perform.

Ever since I was small, I dreamt of being a photographer.  I didn’t think I would actually do it.  I didn’t think it would actually become a reality because it seemed more prudent to get a desk job, or a “9 to 5” job in order to support my family  rather than do something like this.

I gave that idea up for photography because life is more than just about the money.

Life is about building into other people’s lives and having the time to do that.  I mean yes, the memories matter and the event matters.

But what matters more than that is the people themselves.

Because it’s not about me.

This business isn’t about me.  Why I take photos isn’t about me.

It’s about the people that I shoot, the families that I shoot – the events, the moments – the creation of that. 

It’s about building relationships with you.

Let’s connect.

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