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Sep 05 / 2017

August 2017 DITL (Day In The Life) | Vacation!

by Laura

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I was raised to think of vacations as rather frivolous, but I have to admit that after all the trips we’ve taken together, the memories really are worth the money.  That being said, we did upgrade our housing situation and have 2 babies less than 15 months apart in the last bit, so we won’t be “going” anywhere fancy for awhile!  In fact, this year, we didn’t go anywhere at all for our “stay-cation”.  Nap times were kept fully intact in everyone’s own cribs (with the exception of a couple days), and bedtimes were never moved.  We had a wonderful experience exploring our own city each afternoon.  We ate ice cream, went to parks, visited with a couple friends, picnicked, took the boys to the Aquarium and PNE, lazed at home, ran errands normal life often takes time from, and did one big day trip over to Bowen Island!  The day we went to Bowen Island is the day I chose to document fully for August’s DITL.

We decided to leave just after 9am which gave us enough time to get ourselves ready, the boys fed, changed, and dressed, as well as packing the diaper bag without feeling rushed.  It also allowed us enough time to swing by Starbucks for some breakfast sandwiches and a latte for mommy.  Pro tip – even if you’re on a diet, don’t get a skinny latte.  They’re gross and taste like garbage!

Here are many cute photos of Levi hanging out in our bedroom while I got ready because he’s super photogenic and had just discovered his new best friends – his feet!

The drive to the ferry was JUST long enough for Micah to pass out around 10:30am which was his regular nap time.  He stayed asleep for the whole wait in line, the ride, and while we drove around the island a bit and managed to get almost 2 hours in which is his nap “minimum” to function as a half decent human being.  Once we had scoped out the area a bit, we decided the first order of business was to check out this great ice cream and toast shop.  It was my first time having London Fog ice cream and, guys, I’m so addicted now.  I can see this becoming a real problem.  Micah’s obsession with spoons means that we get to always enjoy our cones in peace while he dips his little spoon into a little cup and licks the drips of melty ice cream off.  It also means that his sugar consumption is kept around the 3 tablespoon mark which is a plus!

After we finished our lunch, we drove around the perimeter of half the island looking for a beach which we eventually found right back near where we started.  Micah played happily by himself with the shells, rocks, and mud, and we sat on a blanket and relaxed.

Around 4pm we got in line to catch the ferry back and let Micah go to town on some yoghurt and granola Nick found in a coffee shop along the street.  We got a prime view spot for our car on the ferry, and Micah found his absolutely favourite thing – puppies!  Every day he asks where the puppies are and points them out in every show, on every toy, and even “woof, woof, woofs” at ones Nick draws.  And yes, he always mouth kisses them – the paper ones, the stuffed ones, and the real ones!

Our adventure ended with a bath for Micah, some cuddles for Levi and us crashing.  We have been sleep training Levi throughout our entire stay-cation and it’s kicked all our butts getting him from waking up every hour to go 6 hours between feeds at night, but we eventually got there!  Right at the end of our vacation of course.  Good thing he’s pretty adorable!

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