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Nov 14 / 2021

Baby G | Maple Ridge Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

by Laura

Category : Newborn

newborn baby sucking her hand shot from above in a crib with floral sheets

I have a couple friends either having (or considering having) their last babies and while I am finally reconciled to the fact that we are very much done, I am loving getting to snuggle and photograph their sweet ones! This baby girl was eager to get here, arriving sooner than anyone expected but so ready for the world. Also, I am in LOVE with her name – Georgia. I can’t think of a sweeter girl name, actually. Welcome to such a great family, baby girl <3.

close up of newborn sleeping face in mom's arms shot from over shoulder
mom holding newborn girl by window and smiling down at her
newborn baby looking at parents shot from above
parents holding newborn baby in bedroom and looking down at her
close up of father's hands holding newborn's head
daddy holding newborn baby while she yawns
baby looking at camera through bars of crib
close up of baby and stuffed bunny
toddlers laying at end of bed looking at camera with parents in background
family photo of five with newborn baby taken on bed
image of newborn laying in crib being stroked by mom's hand shot through bars
mom nursing baby in rocking chair viewed through a crack in the door
mom holding newborn wrapped in her arms after nursing
close up of newborn face being held for a burp
newborn baby peeking over mom's shoulder
newborn baby feet resting on mom's tattoo
close up of newborn baby lips
close up of baby hands folded on her chest
little girl holding newborn baby sister on bed
close up of baby feet sticking out of a wrap
newborn laying on knitted blanket wrapped in white with pink bow

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Image of female photographer looking back at camera with ocean behind her showing a back tattoo

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