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Nov 17 / 2013

Before & After Edits in LightRoom 5

by Laura

Category : Personal


I just finished a pretty intensive 5-week editing workshop that I cannot recommend highly enough.  If you’re familiar with all the basics of LightRoom and are looking to take your editing skills to the next level with a fantastic teacher, Caroline Jensen at Love Stands Still Photography, this is the course for you.  You can check it out HERE, and it runs again in March 2014.

Here is a sample of what I’ve been working on for the last month or so:

BEFORE (straight-out-of-camera, with skin tone corrections only):
BEFORE (straight-out-of-camera with crop):
BEFORE (straight-out-of-camera):
and for fun:
BEFORE (straight-out-of-camera):
BEFORE (straight-out-of-camera):
BEFORE: (colour edit)
BEFORE: (straight-out-of-camera but flipped)
Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Before & After Edits in LightRoom 5

  1. Absolutely love these! I especially love the one of the two girls. I will have to check out Caroline’s workshop, as I really struggle with editing and try to use LR as much as possible!

  2. Thanks lifeloveandlens :). Definitely check it out – I’ve done about 4 breakouts and one other workshop, and Caroline’s CCL trumps them all by far (except maybe Flawless by Sarah W. which was game changing for me as well as far as breakouts go).

  3. lovely work! do you have a favorite lightroom preset? i’m hoping to take a workshop after christmas via CM. there’s so many good ones to choose from… i’m thinking the manual use one first, as i’m not consistent yet in manual settings…

    1. Thanks lillithsnapped! I don’t actually have a favourite! In Caroline Jensen’s class she gave us a lot of “step-by-step” presets. So ones that could JUST change the basic panel, or JUST change the tone curve, and then we layer them up and tweak them to the finished product. I think we must have walked away with at least 100 “building blocks”! I really want to take a shooting workshop in the new year as well. I have no idea what one, though… There’s way too many good choices!

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