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May 05 / 2022

C & A Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Weddings

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bride and groom standing under an arch in a park resting foreheads against each other

I know I talk about the weather a lot when I post on here but that’s because it’s truly a stressful factor when you live on the Coast! We went from pouring rain, to brilliant sunshine with storm clouds in the backdrop, to a beautifully golden afternoon. It’s always such a privilege to be the one that accompanies the couple for the entire day. To experience the nervousness in the dressing rooms, the spontaneous professions of love, those first looks, and then the relief when it’s time to just “be” together with their family and friends. CC and Andrew were so much fun to not only document, but also hang out with as well <3. Congrats, you two!

groomsmen getting ready in hotel bathroom
child groomsman helping adult groomsman with his tie
groom putting on jacket and looking out window
close up of groom buttoning his cuffs
groomsmen playing Monopoly together and throwing the money
close up of bridal shoes on shiny fabric
bridal dress hanging in closet with reflection of bride in the mirror
image of bridesmaid doing makeup on another bridesmaid
flower girl looking straight at camera while mom puts a flower crown on her head
bridesmaid helping bride put on her shoes
bride opening home made gift from groom
close up of groom holding pocket watch
wedding ceremony location with white chairs and gazebo
image of gazebo decorated for wedding with storm clouds in the background
father walking bride down aisle with wedding guests in foreground
bride being walked down aisle by her father
groom looking at his bride for the first time
father of bride shaking grooms hand after walking bride down the aisle
groom's parents sitting during wedding ceremony with bride and groom in the foreground
small child smiling at camera in audience during wedding ceremony
bride reading vows to groom
close up of groom looking at his bride during ceremony
bride laughing while putting wedding band on groom
bride and grooms' first kiss
bride and groom walking down ceremony aisle as husband and wife celebrating
bride and groom standing under arch in park about to kiss
close up of wedding bouquet being held by bride and groom
bride and groom holding hands and looking away from each other with greenhouse in the background
bride and groom resting heads together with daffodils and tulips in foreground
bride smiling up at groom underneath wedding veil
bride pulling groom in by his suspenders for a kiss
bride and groom about to kiss with bride's arms around his neck holding bouquet
bride and groom walking down park path holding hands and looking at each other
bride and groom entering reception hall
bridal party sitting at head table
wedding guest taking a photo of the bride and groom at reception
bride laughing while groom helps her put her shoes on
two small children hugging on the dance floor at a wedding reception
bride and groom giving speech at wedding reception
father of bride recording her speech on his phone
bride and groom smiling at person giving a speech at their wedding
wedding cake with caramel drizzle
husband kissing bride on the nose during first dancw
bride and groom backlit during first dance
father hugging bride during father-daughter dance and getting emotional
close up of wedding rings on top of macarons

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