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Nov 15 / 2023

C. Family | North Vancouver Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

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parents with five grown up kids posing in the park with bright fall leaves behind them

We’d like to hire you to do our family photos, but we are only in town on November 14th at 4:30pm. Also, we don’t have an indoor location we can use. If anyone lives in the Pacific North West, you know why I immediately started hunting for a gazebo or some sort of rain coverage. I’m still a little bit in awe that we had sunny weather this time of year. I feel like every time I’ve had a shoot that can’t be moved, we get blessed with unusual sunshine! We did get the shoot moved up to 3:30 as the sun goes down at 4:30 by starting the shoot with the girls while we waited for brother and his girlfriend to get off work. But… we did it! Their prairie blood shone strong while I froze in my winter coat and they ran around without jackets. So glad our West Coast weather didn’t have me huddled under a gazebo on a crowded dock with a flash for light. Couldn’t be happier! Also, this family was so fun. I want to be adopted!

mother giving teen daughter a piggy-back ride with bright fall leaves behind them
father hugging young daughter and smiling at each other with bright fall leaves behind them
father laughing and being silly with three grown daughters with bright fall leaves behind them
mother with three older daughters posing under a fall tree
young girl posing for camera with hands on her hip with bright fall leaves behind her
father kissing grown daughter on the forehead with bright fall leaves behind them
man carrying his girlfriend with bright fall leaves behind them
family with grown up kids having a leaf fight in the park
family with grown up kids posing on rocks by the ocean with water behind them
mother and teen daughters running down a pier towards the sunset
mother and three daughters laughing together on pier with ocean sunset behind them and seagull flying overhead
teenage girl posing on pier with sunset and ocean behind her
young couple posing on a pier at sunset with ocean behind them
mother with grown up daughters standing on a pier looking out over the ocean at the sunset together

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