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May 24 / 2023

C. Family | Pitt Meadows Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

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mom hugging and smiling with son with lake and mountains in background

This lady right here is one of my favourite people. We have had dozens and I mean DOZENS of people work with our kids. Therapists, doctors, surgeons, SLPs, physio, OTs, chiro, paediatricians, psychiatrists, naturopaths, EAs, teachers, support workers, respite, BCBAs, dentists and assistants, NPs, consultants, nurses, and so. many. ER visits. Do you know how many people out of OVER 50 (I kid you not) that were literally life changing for us? 6. Lots of average. Some horrible. Some great. But 6 people will stay in my mind forever during this journey. She is 1 of the 6.

This woman was first Micah’s EA in Kindergarten and then I asked if she could be pulled to be with Levi the following year because I knew their personalities would be perfect together. This lady is the reason Levi physically gets into the classroom half the days. She sits beside him while he processes his worries. Does his drawing and school work for him when it’s too overwhelming and his OCD won’t let him get it just right. And nothing he comes up with phases her ever. She (and Levi’s actual teacher who is also one of the 6) have made school safe for Levi. Levi, who couldn’t enter the building or even GET OUT OF THE CAR NEAR the building last year, walks in the doors (with varying degrees of help) every day and every day he is supported and loved and UNDERSTOOD.

I think most of us dream of making some sort of lasting difference in people’s lives when we choose our vocations and I can say Levi’s teachers absolutely have.

family of three with two dogs walking down a path holding hands with lake and mountains in background
mom hugging and laughing with son with lake and mountains in background
mom with young son sitting on a blanket petting two dogs with lake and mountains in background
close up of white dog looking at the camera
family standing along a path with two dogs with lake and mountains in background
a couple about to kiss with young son on dad's back looking at the camera
little blue and white bird standing on wooden birdhouse with lake and mountains in background
young boy smiling for camera with lake and mountains in background
young boy on his father's back smiling for camera with lake and mountains in background
mom and dad with young boy standing at the edge of a lake with mountains in the background looking at stones to throw
couple smiling at each other as man strokes woman's hair away from her face with lake and mountains in background
family of three standing by bird house with lake and mountains in background
young boy and dad hugging their mom who is smiling

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