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Oct 04 / 2019

C Family | Vancouver Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

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family sitting on driftwood at the beach smiling for the camera

Let’s talk about this photo for a second. First off, I adore it. I mean, how cute is this West Coast family in this West Coast setting on a perfect Fall day? This is the “Christmas Card Photo.” I stole that term from My Four Hens Photography because I seriously can’t think of a better name for it. I always shoot this near the beginning of our time together (while I still hold some “new grown-up” sway with the kids and they somewhat follow my direction).

But here is the thing. I like to take this ONE photo and then step back with minimal direction for the rest of the time. I will say things like, “What if daddy put you up on his shoulders for a ride now?” Or, “Oh no… mom and dad are going to tickle you!” One of my favourite things to do is ask everyone to snuggle in close and say some kind words to each other because why not take advantage of this time together and feed into your family in a positive way? Family photos do not have to be a completely dreaded experience – I promise!

I have clients that truly just want posed image after posed image, and I mean, that’s totally okay for them to want that. However, photos can be so much MORE. They can freeze in time not only what you look like, but how you love each other. Let me show you what it looks like for a family to just BE together on a shoot, because this family rocked that!

family walking down forest path holding hands while toddler looks back at the camera
toddler boy being swung in the air by parents
toddler boy exploring in forest
toddler boy on dad's shoulders at the beach
father embracing his son while mom holds son's hand
child's hands holding sea shells
toddler boy being hugged and kissed by parents
toddler boy resting in his mom's arms
toddler boy holding truck and hugging dad
couple holding each other with eyes closed
toddler boy squishing his mom's cheeks
toddler boy looking at camera while mom and dad kiss his cheeks
family hugging and laughing on blanket
mom and dad hugging toddler boy on their laps

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