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May 23 / 2024

This shoot was 10/10 both for the couple, content, location, weather, and the fact that it was my 10th shoot in a row during my May marathon before I take a couple weeks off from behind the camera and focus on teaching and working on some personal projects. I could have sworn these two were […]

A&J Engagement Shoot | Maple Ridge Wedding Photographer

Apr 16 / 2024

We’ve already kicked off the season with a couple weddings in February and March, but this is the first engagement shoot of 2024. These two were in from out of town and we got one of the most beautiful spring days while they were visiting. Of course I had to take them to my most […]

B & A Engagement Shoot | Maple Ridge Wedding Photographer

Oct 13 / 2023

A quick, early morning engagement shoot before the light got too harsh. Savouring those last days of fall before the rains set in. I just really need the weather to give me a few more days!!

M & C Engagement Shoot | Burnaby Wedding Photographer

Sep 21 / 2023

I have known this awesome chick for SO many years. We met with me hauling around Micah as a baby in his car seat. For all those years, she was waiting for the perfect guy, and boy did she find him. He was SO sick, but didn’t want to reschedule the photos. I’m super glad […]

K & A Engagement Shoot | Port Moody Wedding Photographer

Sep 18 / 2023

I have to admit I was a little nervous to show these to the couple because they had a really specific vision in mind, and my personal editing style was a bit different than they originally were thinking they wanted. However, they LOVED them! And I’m so happy :). Can’t wait for their wedding next […]

T&J Engagement Shoot | Langley Wedding Photographer

May 31 / 2023

What I love about these two is that they are down for anything to make a good photo. We were even “this” close to just going for it in the rain last month and embracing sexy, Notebook vibes. But her heart’s desire was gorgeous sunset light in deep forest. Total Princess Bride vibes. Well, we […]

L & K E-Shoot | Maple Ridge Engagement and Wedding Photographer

May 22 / 2023

I loved getting to meet and hang out with these two this past weekend. Beautiful night, beautiful scenery, beautiful couple, and the CUTEST little pup. It was like hanging out on a summer evening with friends vs “working”. Can’t wait for their wedding this fall!

S & S Engagement Shoot | Pitt Meadows Wedding Photographer

Feb 23 / 2023

You know you’re a true West Coaster when you don’t let a little drizzle or fog scare you away from your photoshoot! I mean, we didn’t have a TON of options as these two are getting married NEXT MONTH already and an engagement shoot had to happen! Here’s hoping for slightly warmer weather than day, […]

S&W Engagement Shoot | Burnaby Wedding Photographer

Sep 02 / 2022

Look at this dress! And that suit! I love how this couple embraced rich earthy tones in their outfits, but that didn’t take away from the explosion of happy colour later that evening while they did their engagement ceremony and danced the night away with family and friends. Their wedding next year is going to […]

S&J Engagement Party | Langley Wedding Photographer

Aug 02 / 2022

If you’re wondering why I have included all of ONE gorgeous sunset/fern photos it’s because the second we stepped into the woods the mosquitos descended like a swarm of bees – literally. I burst out about 5 poses in rapid-fire and then we ran for it. I just couldn’t pass up on that sun flare […]

L&S Engagement Shoot | Langley Wedding Photographer

Jun 16 / 2022

These two were so much fun to photograph. They were the perfect mix of outgoing, fun, friendly, and silly. I’ve had a lot of careers in my lifetime – legal assistant, software trainer, piano teacher, photographer – but it never mattered so much WHAT I did, but who I did it with/for. For me, it […]

H&T Engagement Shoot | Maple Ridge Fraser Valley Wedding Photographer

Jun 02 / 2022

One muggy, rainy day, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and dense trees, a man proposed to a woman and they're going to live happily ever after, and I can't wait for this August to document that special moment as well <3.

D & D Engagement Shoot | Maple Ridge Wedding Photographer

Apr 19 / 2022

All across North America there were storm, snow, hail, and sleet warnings in APRIL. And guess which day we had an engagement shoot booked for! Ha! I literally watched the storm clouds rolling in from the Coast as I raced to the location after bumping up the time to try and beat the storm. Half […]

A & K Engagement Shoot | Surrey Engagement Photographer

Apr 06 / 2022

When this couple said they were easy-going, they weren’t lying! We had so much fun just going with the flow, which included going with the flow of the weather as well. I always say the best sessions are right before or right after a storm, but they are SO hard to time. Sporadic trickles of […]

E & J Engagement Shoot | Maple Ridge Wedding Photographer

Mar 11 / 2022

You know that fake Spring that comes every year? The one where you’re quizzically looking at the calendar and taking off your jacket, but also fully embracing? The one that comes right before the cold and rain return? That fake Spring lasted about 5 days this year and Christine and Andrew just happened to have […]

C & A Engagement Shoot | Maple Ridge Wedding Photographer

Oct 15 / 2020

As the weather alternated between storms and sun, not only daily but HOURLY, last weekend, we managed to be flexible enough to pull off a shoot! It rained on the way there, was cloudy while we walked, and then the sun popped out at the end! It was a beautiful, fall day with this couple […]

K&A | Vancouver Photographer

Sep 27 / 2019

I first met Laura (great name!) when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding that my husband and I shot together last summer. She’s fun, outgoing, and so easy to be around. Steve and I found out at the end of the shoot that we both love talking about interest rates and numbers – probably […]

L&S Engagement Shoot | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Apr 15 / 2019

I think my latest obsession this year is the ocean at sunset. Despite the fact that I love to shoot close to home for obvious reasons, I always think it’s worth the drive to go a little farther out for those grey/blue tones and dramatic skies. Also, your shoot is guaranteed to be unique because […]

S&M Engagement Shoot | Lighthouse Park

Sep 03 / 2018

I’m always so curious about where I meet new clients from.  Usually it’s word of mouth, but occasionally it’s something really random like Instagram or in this case, Google Images!  They stumbled across my work on the internet and we met up for the first time earlier this year.  These two are such a lovely […]

E&D Engagement Shoot | Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

Apr 17 / 2018

These two contacted me back in the Winter dreaming of a cherry blossom engagement shoot. The trick with cherry blossoms on the Coast is that they only show up in the rainy season and only last for a very short window. So it was a little wet, and a little rainy, but overall we made […]

A&J Engagement Shoot | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Nov 20 / 2017

My husband and I have a photo of us dancing in the rain that I took with a remote and a tripod years ago and a lot of people comment on it when I display it at wedding shows.  We always tell everyone the same thing: “If you want to come out into the middle […]

O & J Engagement Shoot | Coquitlam Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Oct 23 / 2017

I first met Kim at the Tri-Cities Wedding Show in Coquitlam (which is sadly no longer – the Show, Coquitlam still exists obviously, haha).  We then had a further coffee date at my place and the relationship started from there.  This girl is kind of a super hero between juggling work, and school, and wedding […]

K&M Engagement Shoot | Derby Reach, Fort Langley | Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

Sep 21 / 2016

Simona and Darius were introduced to me as we shot her sister’s wedding earlier this Summer.  When we met for coffee for the first time afterwards, I knew that this couple was going to be a blast to photograph.  Everything they described fit exactly with the things that I loved, too.  Dramatic light.  Unique shots.  Environmental […]

Barnet Marine Park | Sunset Engagement Shoot

Aug 23 / 2016

Earlier this Spring, at the Tri-City Wedding Show, I met Jessica, and she won our free giveaway of an engagement shoot!  They chose one of my favourite locations – Deer Lake in Burnaby, BC.  Despite the crazy heat wave we have been having lately, we ventured out for some quick photos after they got off […]

Deer Lake Burnaby Engagement Shoot

Jul 26 / 2016

Barnet Marine Park is one of my favourite locations.  Not only is it often overlooked providing more privacy than most of the local parks, but its diversity from forest paths to ocean views also never leaves me wanting.  I did a quick engagement shoot there for Mavis and Peter this past week and the weather […]

Barnet Marine Park Engagement Shoot

Jun 04 / 2016

Rosa and Mitch were introduced to me by mutual friends, and I am so excited to capture their wedding this August – almost as excited as I was when they put two of my favourite words into one request: “Night shoot” and “Gastown”.  Well, technically that’s three words, but I can’t think of a combination […]

Gastown Engagement Shoot

May 19 / 2016

Nicole and Ricky first met camping one summer up at Golden Ears Provincial Park.  It seemed only fitting then that we do their engagement shoot in such a memorable location.  We arrived there one cool afternoon last weekend and hiked up to a little riverside, pebble beach.  This beach was hidden off the main path […]

Golden Ears Provincial Park Engagement Shoot

May 18 / 2016

Last weekend we met up with Herlaine and Ernan to do their engagement shoot on a beautiful night at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody.  I was already fully booked for weddings for the 2016 season, but after spending the evening with these two, I had to agree to do just one more.  They are fun […]

Rocky Point Park Stylized Engagement Shoot

Apr 27 / 2016

I first met Jill and David in my living room when we met over delicious treats to discuss shooting their wedding this September. They contacted me again shortly thereafter and asked to do an engagement shoot as well.  So last week, we met in Stanley Park on a rainy Friday evening to take their photos and […]

Stanley Park Engagement Shoot

Jan 01 / 2016

I started 2015 running a very small photography business as I already had a full-time job that took up 50+ hours of my week with the commute, and a part-time job every evening on top of that.   Whatever time was left over, I dedicated to photography.  I wanted to make a few extra dollars to […]

2015 Year In Review

Dec 21 / 2015

Yesterday, we headed out to do our last shoot before Christmas (which I can’t believe is this Friday already)!  Doing shoots during the winter on the Coast is always tricky because the weather is completely unpredictable and changes without any notice.  I was thinking we would need to postpone yet again, but then suddenly the […]

Kathy & Nick E-Shoot | Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

Oct 09 / 2015

I love it when everything just comes together for a shoot.  Last weekend we had the perfect combination of beautiful weather, beautiful light, a beautiful location, and an absolutely gorgeous couple!  I’m so excited to shoot Andreea and Colin’s wedding next Spring.  But in the meantime, here are a few of my favourites from their […]

Andreea & Colin Eshoot | Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

Sep 17 / 2015

I met Melissa and Matt back at a wedding show in the Spring, and I could tell right away that they were a fun couple.  This was confirmed after having a coffee date with them and helping them organize their wedding a bit.  I think that meeting was 80% wedding planning and 20% photography chat, haha! […]

Melissa & Matt e-shoot | Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

Sep 01 / 2015

Laura and Alex are hard-core sports fans who happened to have season’s tickets to the Whitecaps directly across the aisle from each other.  First glances and then phone numbers were exchanged, and while there is some debate as to when their first “real date” was, they are now happily engaged and planning their wedding for next September. […]

Laura & Alex | Vancouver Engagement Photographer

Aug 25 / 2015

I met Brenda a few years ago while working downtown, so I was delighted when she contacted me the other month telling me about her 10-year wedding anniversary coming up!  They decided that part of their celebration would be getting new photos taken and we set about deciding where and when.  During out chats, it […]

Brenda & Carl Anniversary Shoot | Vancouver Engagement Photographer