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Sep 19 / 2023

You are never, ever too old to get together and do a photoshoot for your mom! It helps if she offers to treat you all to dinner afterwards. We started with a bunch of teenagers / young adults that would much rather be doing pretty much anything else and ended with them requesting “just one […]

J Family | Port Moody Family Photographer

Sep 12 / 2023

When another photographer asks you to take their photos, it’s such an honour. When your best friend asks you to take them, it’s even more amazing. We both got our family photos done this week and I’m a little jealous of hers! Not because I took them, but because it was just one of those […]

B Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Sep 05 / 2023

I’ve documented this family year after year, before they even all existed! The girls and I are having a hair growing competition, and they are beating me soundly. We have another round and another year to go, though, so don’t count me out! Seeing these guys grow year after year makes me even more excited […]

D. Family | Langley Family Photographer

Aug 25 / 2023

Did you guys know I ofter in-home life-style sessions? I don’t do them as often because my heart lives in the mountains and forests, but I sure do enjoy them when they come along! This family holds a close place to my heart and the mama is one of my dearest friends. We live life […]

T Family | Maple Ridge Documentary Family Photographer

Aug 23 / 2023

We weren’t sure if we could see the mountains with all the smoke billowing in from the MANY forest fires in our province, but they were still there – the misty mountains. It was a tiny bit of an editing nightmare for me un-oranging their skin from the smokey sunset, but we did it! All […]

A Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Aug 16 / 2023

Just a sneak peek of the gallery I edited today (and shot last night) of sweet, long-time friends, and two adorable girls testing out their wedding dresses for later this fall. Sometimes friends you have when your kids are babies get harder and harder to see as the kids grow and family life becomes so […]

C Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Jun 22 / 2023

What do you do when you have a family with five kids plus their aunt and cousin for an extended family photo shoot? You have FUN! These guys came all the way up from Florida and there was NO rescheduling their shoot possible. The day alternated between hail storms and sunshine but we braved it. […]

T. Family | Pitt Meadows Extended Family Photographer

Jun 18 / 2023

I have been shooting this sweet family for years, from in-home sessions, to early morning sunrises, to evenings out by the mountains. I have shot baby bumps, newborns, and toddlers throughout the years with them. I took them to my favourite place this past week because this might be the last shoot for a long […]

M. Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Jun 02 / 2023

I had the privilege of photographing this littlest one’s baptism and my how she’s grown in such a short time! These parents basically have the girl version of craziness at home and we have the boy version. Don’t worry, I let them know that even just 1.5 years more makes ALL the difference in the […]

P. Family | Vancouver Family Photographer

May 25 / 2023

If you read my blog from yesterday, I shared all about Levi’s amazing EA and alluded also to his amazing teacher. This year has been such a huge developmental one for him. To give you some point of reference – he had a substitute teacher for a week and it took us 4.5 MONTHS to […]

L Family | Pitt Meadows Family Photographer

May 24 / 2023

This lady right here is one of my favourite people. We have had dozens and I mean DOZENS of people work with our kids. Therapists, doctors, surgeons, SLPs, physio, OTs, chiro, paediatricians, psychiatrists, naturopaths, EAs, teachers, support workers, respite, BCBAs, dentists and assistants, NPs, consultants, nurses, and so. many. ER visits. Do you know how […]

C. Family | Pitt Meadows Family Photographer

May 17 / 2023

Give me all the hot summer evenings, wild and giggly 2-year-olds, and gorgeous families! The last time I photographed this family, older brother was barely older than his sister. It’s crazy how fast time flies. Grab those memories while you can, families. They go so fast.

C Family | Vancouver Family Photographer

May 16 / 2023

It has been my privilege to photograph this family from toddlerhood, through their youngest’s battle and victory over childhood cancer, and now with them older and back to their version of what normal life will look like. These people were also the life of the complex we lived in before our current home and have […]

B. Family | Pitt Meadows Family Photographer

May 01 / 2023

When this mama first came over to my house, she commented how nice it was to have family images all over decorating our home, and that she wanted some of her very own. That was a problem I could definitely solve, and I’m so excited to know these will be surrounding her family and reminding […]

S. Family | Pitt Meadows Family Photographer

Apr 03 / 2023

We squeezed this session in the later evening, RIGHT before the rains came. This family was amazing considering they had spent HOURS in the car driving back from Whistler that afternoon and went straight into a photo shoot! The irony with this session is that I had to make sure to arrange babysitting because while […]

J Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Feb 03 / 2023

Let’s talk about every photographers’ nightmare – harsh light. I’m here to give some tips to survive it! 1. Watch for shadows. As you can see, grandpa is leaning slightly forward that casts a shadow on grandma. It’s not on her face so it’s fine, but you want to make sure you angle everyone so […]

Shooting In Harsh Light – Tips

Nov 17 / 2022

This was just a quick mini shoot so I try to focus mostly on mom because mom never gets in the photos, am I right? This little one was uncertain and not really ready to be put down by mom at any point for long, but I didn’t mind that one bit. One of my […]

L Family | Pitt Meadows Family Photographer

Nov 14 / 2022

Oh my heart. There’s something about little boys. I got to document this family almost exactly a year ago when there was a little bean secretly growing inside this mama’s belly, but no one knew yet. Back then, Joni, the sweet, three-legged pup was their one and only baby. It’s crazy how much can change […]

A Family | Port Moody Family Photographer

Oct 20 / 2022

I have to admit I was the tiniest bit concerned what the marshes would look like as smoke filled the skies the day before our shoot. We’ve had a very generous amount of time this year without fires, which has been shocking! Normally we are smoked in by September vs. mid-October. But while it made […]

T Family | Pitt Meadows Family Photographer

Oct 14 / 2022

We have moved this shoot SO many times through the Covid years. This family only all gets fully together a few times a year and first we were solidly rained out. Next, one of them had Covid. Next I had Covid. Here we are years later, with an extra family member included, and we finally […]

M Family | Port Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 05 / 2022

What do you get when a family lets you choose the time and location? You get the most perfect sunrise filtering through evergreens with a river in the background. Bonus points for the leaf fight at the end as well. Fun fact… I locked my keys in my car (WITH my camera bag, BEFORE the […]

V Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Oct 03 / 2022

If anyone is wondering how to make family photo shoots even more challenging – the answer is bring your pets! But, honestly, PLEASE bring your pets!! They are a part of your family unit and I love to have them along <3

L Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Sep 19 / 2022

This photoshoot started like any other. We decided to move it up a few days to beat the rain that was coming in the forecast, but thankfully had it far enough along in the week that lots of the forest fire smoke had dissipated. We started over at my usual field and did most of […]

N Family | Langley Family Photographer

Aug 25 / 2022

I think so often when we envision family photos we think of perfect outfits, and rivers, and fields. And, don’t get me wrong, I ADORE those shoots. But I also think there’s something special about a more “documentary” approach. I say documentary with quotations because I fully realize I am not a true documentary photographer. […]

C Family | Vancouver Family Photographer

Aug 24 / 2022

Every year this family and I try to do a different location. We’ve done forest, river, lake and we were going to do fields this year, but the mosquitos are insane right now. Thus, ocean it was, and I’m not sad! I’ve been shooting them since the littlest one was in her mom’s tummy, and […]

D Family | Port Moody Family Photographer

Aug 23 / 2022

Give me the families that want “real” moments. That want to get in the water, squish toes in mud, and say, “Let my kid just play and shoot him like you would your own children. If that’s your heart, then please hire me! Family shoots like this give life to my soul <3.

L Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Aug 12 / 2022

Am I allowed to have favourite families? If I am, these guys are one of them! I have adored capturing their growing brood year after year, and having little Q up and mobile this summer made it even more fun! These guys were troopers, and we slammed this shoot out in about 35 minutes total […]

M Family | Langley Family Photographer

Aug 08 / 2022

This sweet couple started it all – the little (or maybe not so little) group of family that met together on the ocean shores for an extended family shoot. This sweet lady was my mentor many moons ago and I have connected with one of her adult daughters on a level that only moms that […]

H Extended Family | Port Moody Family Photographer

Aug 05 / 2022

Truth be told, this shoot wasn’t actually booked as a mini. It was booked as a full-package, extended family shoot. But my favourite part of extended family photography is the ability to do a little mini shoot for each family unit. Of course the family with the new baby stole the show, so here’s a […]

S Family Mini | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Jul 18 / 2022

I have done this family’s photos every year since their first daughter was born, and it’s amazing how quickly they grow. I almost didn’t believe her for a second when she announced she was 7 now. Has it been that long already? I also never share a full shoot on here. I just pick and […]

C. Family | Burnaby Family Photographer

Jul 14 / 2022

You keep hearing of wedding after wedding being rescheduled over the past couple of years because of Covid, but I actually have a number of extended family shoots that have been rolled forward into this summer as well. This family was SO close to being together last year during the holidays, but a positive covid […]

B. Family | Burnaby, BC, Family Photographer

May 01 / 2022

Somethings that I wish I had more of are images of my childhood homes. I would love to see my bedroom again through adult eyes and well as all the spaces we used to gather together as a family. Sometimes photographers spend so much time focusing on the people that we forget about the places. […]

L Family | Saying Goodbye to Home

Apr 29 / 2022

It’s a late night kind of post where I’m playing catch-up before the week ahead, so I’m just sharing a small handful from this shoot, but I think their shirts say it all. This little man, his mama, and honestly his whole family are warriors.

B Family | Port Coquitlam Family Photographer

Feb 23 / 2022

I was “this” close to calling this shoot off. The forecast said rain for days and it was POURING even up to an hour before our meet time. However, this family is a seasoned West Coast family and we waited it out together until the very last possible moment. It started to just spit so […]

G. Family | Pitt Meadows Family Photographer

Jan 10 / 2022

I first met this wonderful couple years ago over coffee to plan for Nick and I to document their wedding, and then I photographed the baptism of their sweet girl. This time we met up to capture some family photos to celebrate their reunion with the grandparents whom they haven’t seen in YEARS due to […]

B Family | Burnaby Family Photographer