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Nov 20 / 2020

There’s so many thing I love about documenting this family, and one of them is that I also get to call them my friends. Momma and me first met years and YEARS ago. 10 years? I decided I wanted a hair cut in the mall on a whim, so we stopped and she was the […]

Baby L | Port Coquitlam Family Photographer

Nov 19 / 2020

From maternity photos, to newborn images, to helping this mama with her blog and passions, to this <3. I love following along with my families as they grow, documenting the big and little milestones and the every-day moments in between. Also, can I just say this baby girl is gorgeous! Her eyes get me every […]

T Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Oct 29 / 2020

This family… I feel like I say this every year, but they are such a treat to document. I never have to pose them. I never have to direct. They just… exist together, and it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to meet their newest little addition next year, too!!

M Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Oct 07 / 2020

As a mom of a 2, 3, and 4-year old boy myself, this family was speaking my language. I also couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning. We started our shoot just as the fog (and smoke because it’s 2020 and of course there’s smoke) cleared and the sun broke through. Even having a […]

The V. Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Sep 08 / 2020

One of my favourite families, at my favourite location, at my favourite time of day (golden hour).  <3.  Also, all of the kids in the world can just stop getting bigger – like right now.  Where did the babies go and who are these big kids?!!! Til next year <3

D Family | Maple Ridge Photographer

Aug 19 / 2020

When this mama contacted me to let me know she wanted to surprise her husband with a photoshoot of her kids, I was super pumped! I adore that idea, but there was no way I wasn’t going to get her in the frame as well ;). I was also excited because older kids meant they […]

M Family | Port Moody Family Photographer

Jul 28 / 2020

Every July this family does photos with me and I’d have to say this year was the biggest change! I mean, besides the obvious – that they have a new little Love in their lives, their oldest daughter somehow grew up this past year! She was a toddler last time I shot their family and […]

C Family Photos | Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC

Nov 08 / 2019

I honestly forget how we met. I think it was through a friend of a friend. But we were mom-buddies all day every day. We would text each other in the morning, throughout the day, and before bed. We would encourage each other through the hard, the weird, the mundane, and the exciting. We even […]

T Family Photos | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Nov 06 / 2019

I love extended family shoots, and this family was no exception! Not only were they a dream to work with, but I loved hearing little bits from their history as I chatted with the grandparents while we walked. I loved seeing them delight in their daughters and grandchildren. And goodness, these little girls were CUTE! […]

J Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 16 / 2019

Every year I think I’m “almost done” for the season because my regulars pick their dates months in advance to guarantee I have spots that work with their schedules, and every year I always get to meet some new sweet families that sneak in to fill the cracks. This mama and I did NOT coordinate […]

W Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 10 / 2019

Let me tell you about this mama. She might not feel it, but she is SOOO patient and loving. My oldest son, who generally does not love people near him, ADORES her. She’s one of those people that you can spill your heart out to and never once feel judged. While we don’t talk super […]

TDS Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Oct 07 / 2019

I’m feeling conflicted with my family photography lately. I’ve been pondering how to merge my personal style of shooting, with a more “family shoot” vibe, and also still get those classic shots families want. When I shoot my own children, I have environmental portraits of them exploring the world around them, and I feel like […]

L Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Oct 04 / 2019

Let’s talk about this photo for a second. First off, I adore it. I mean, how cute is this West Coast family in this West Coast setting on a perfect Fall day? This is the “Christmas Card Photo.” I stole that term from My Four Hens Photography because I seriously can’t think of a better […]

C Family | Vancouver Family Photographer

Sep 11 / 2019

Pretty light, Fall in the air, another boy mama to share stories with, and two little balls of energy that I could have all of the fun with and none of the bedtime responsibility for – pretty much a perfect shoot! We got the Christmas card style photo out of the way first (guys, there […]

L Family | Burnaby Family Photographer

Sep 03 / 2019

I absolutely love photographing this family year after year, watching their children grow, comparing notes on parenting survival tips, and not judging how much coffee we each consume. This year, like every year, the baby stole the show, but how can you not shoot and savour all those squishy rolls, tiny features, and grumpy snuggles […]

D Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Aug 16 / 2019

Sometimes I see photographers say (and am guilty of this myself), wow, I loved the whole gallery, it was so hard to choose a few favourites to share. I have to admit that I often LIKE the whole gallery, but I really only share what I absolutely LOVE. However, this was probably the first time […]

M Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Jul 25 / 2019

My favourite families to document are the ones that come back year after year and I get to watch their children grow up. I still remember this little one as a chubby 3-month-old, propped up on my couch. I remember when she first learned to roll and first learned to walk. And now she’s a […]

C Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Jul 09 / 2019

This was such a fun shoot and outside of my usual. I primarily edit in colour, and I often find myself being hired by families with really young children. That’s not to say I don’t do black-and-white edits when an image calls for it, and I definitely don’t only shoot little kids, but it’s the […]

B Family Lifestyle Shoot | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Jun 13 / 2019

I have learned the hard way to never cancel a shoot until last minute due to weather on the Coast. I still remember postponing a shoot a couple of hours before because there was a hail storm a few years back, and then 30 minutes before the scheduled shoot time, the skies cleared and we […]

M Family Shoot | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

May 30 / 2019

Last weekend I got to shoot one of my favourite families! I feel like I have a lot of “favourite families” because I truly develop friendships and relationships with the people I shoot over the years, but this one is like a FAVOURITE FAVOURITE, okay? Lol. I don’t even know where to start with the […]

S Family Ocean Shoot | Vancouver Family Photographer

May 21 / 2019

I love shooting in pretty locations at sunset. I love shooting friends. I love shooting the same families year after year and watching them grow. And I especially love documenting sweet littles with their big people because it’s the season of life I’m firmly entrenched in myself. This shoot was all of those things and […]

K Family Shoot | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Jan 11 / 2019

I shoot more outdoors than in studio, but I love a good cake smash for the following reasons: 1. I love babies (obviously since I have three of them 2 and under right now!). 2. I love sugar and the kid never eats it all. Also, when you’re a mom, sharing someone else’s smushed up […]

Baby A.’s Cake Smash

Jan 10 / 2019

Am I allowed to have favourite clients? Because I do! This family is a joy to document, chat with, and know in life <3. I’ve loved watching their family grow from maternity photos to newborn pictures, and now cake smashes and family sessions <3. They are a perfect way to kick off 2019! Stay tuned […]

D. Family Photos

Sep 27 / 2018

I first met this beautiful mama on a wedding earlier this Summer.  She was the hair and make-up artist and so much fun to work with!  We got chatting and decided to touch base in the Fall for some family photos of her precious tribe.  Their house backs onto this amazing stretch of land filled […]

C. Family Photos | Surrey Family Photographer

Sep 24 / 2018

This is my third year photographing this gorgeous family and I love that Jessica’s a blogger mom.  In fact, she was one named one of Vancouver Moms Top Bloggers last year.  You can check out her site, This Sweet Happy Life, HERE.  I also love that we managed to pull off this shoot after rescheduling […]

W. Family | Abbotsford Family Photographer

Sep 12 / 2018

I have had the privilege of photographing this lovely family for the past few years and love watching their kids grow up.  We were pregnant mamas together with her youngest and my oldest being only a month apart in age.  I remember being SUPER pregnant while doing her daughter’s newborn photos and ironically I was […]

L. Family Photos | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Sep 11 / 2018

“We don’t mind a little rain.”  This is music to a photographer’s ears when you live and work on the rainy West Coast of Canada and everyone wants photos right as the season changes into a wet, soggy, winter.  There is that brief window of my favourite season – Fall – where the days are […]

B. Family Photos | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Sep 09 / 2018

I absolutely LOVE photographing this family.  Last year we did an in-home lifestyle session for them (which you can view HERE), and this year we headed out to the river for something different.  Their littlest who was all baby chub and wide eyes in our first session was now in full-blown, explore-the-world mode as she […]

M Family Photos | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Sep 05 / 2018

What do you do when all the cousins get together?  A massive family shoot!  Look at the gorgeous red blonde hair on all these babes!  Can you tell they’re related?  And, not to pat myself on the back, but I would just like to say I’m pretty impressed I got 6 out of 7 looking […]

B & G Extended Family Shoot | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Aug 21 / 2018

I think people have a misconception about what you need to have for a “family shoot”.  You don’t need a certain amount of kids (or any kids!) to justify documenting your life, and who you are, and who you love.  Nick and I did a couple’s shoot a few years into our marriage and a […]

K&G Couple’s Shoot | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Aug 07 / 2018

This little munchkin turned 3 last month.  Every year we do family photos around her birthday, and it’s amazing how fast they grow!  I still remember her being a little 3-month-old blob propped up on our couch.  She’s wicked smart, super feisty, and keeps mom and dad on their toes.  This girl is going places, […]

C. Family Photos | Burnaby Family Photographer

Jul 31 / 2018

Boys are a little bit energetic, and that makes them a little bit awesome.  I actually had someone ask me if this boy was my kid during the shoot as I was walking ahead with him while his parents brought up the rear and I would have be proud if he were.  This family was […]

C. Family Photos | Coquitlam Family Photographer

Jul 20 / 2018

I admit I used to groan a little bit inside when someone would inquire about an extended family shoot.  All those extra people.  All those combinations.  But now, they’re actually one of my favourite things to do.  I think it’s because I LOVE photographing kids at the “crazy age”.  The toddler stage, the baby stage.  […]

L. Extended Family Shoot | Burnaby Family Photographer

Jul 19 / 2018

I first met Verena for all of about 10 seconds in the parking lot of Maple Ridge Christian School when I was about half way through my pregnancy with my first child and dropping Nick off to head out to film a school trip for the weekend.  I remember having the impression that she was […]

B. Family | Langley Family Photographer

Apr 27 / 2018

You know what would make for a really great shoot? The biggest brown eyes you’ve ever seen, coupled with gorgeous summer weather (in April!), a lush green park in the evening, lots of cuddles and blowing kisses, and then end it all with a cake smash. THAT is my idea of a perfect shoot <3

Baby A’s Cake Smash | Coquitlam Family Photographer