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Dec 21 / 2017

I have to admit that I wasn’t really feeling like doing my last DITL post for the year, but having successfully kept up with one per month for the rest of 2017, it would be a shame not to finish!  I chose a Sunday together for this post as we were planning on taking a […]

December 2017 DITL (Day In The Life) | Sunday Whistler Adventures

Jun 30 / 2016

  DAY 8 Today was a bucket list item day!  I was so glad to discover that, even though it’s almost July, there were still remnants of turquoise-coloured ice to be found!  We don’t have too many family selfies from the trip due to Micah always napping in the car, but he was up for […]

Iceland Adventure: Days 8 – 10

Jun 27 / 2016

DAY 7 I realized that we are on this trip for 10 days, so if I post in batches of three, one day has to stand alone.  I chose today because we found our favourite part of Iceland so far!  We traveled pretty much down the entire Eastern side of the country today and it […]

Iceland Adventure: Day 7

Jun 26 / 2016

DAY 4 Friday was our last sunny day (so far), which is kind of sad!  We only had a 90-minute drive to get to our next location so were fully prepared to meander and take our sweet time.  However, an accident ended up closing the road about 30 minutes in so we took the longer […]

Iceland Adventure: Days 4 – 6

Jun 24 / 2016

Why Iceland?   That seems to be the question we get asked the most since announcing our travel plans.  Honestly, though, why NOT Iceland?  A couple of years ago, we asked ourselves where the most picturesque places to go and shoot would be, and thus Iceland and/or New Zealand were put on our proverbial bucket […]

Iceland Adventure: Days 1 – 3

Mar 15 / 2015

This month’s photos came from a grand adventure.  It all started with a casual Facebook conversation with a fellow photographer down in the States whom I’ve never met.  I have a lot of friends online that I’ve never actually met in person, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary.  Somehow, though, we got to talking about […]

March 15 on the 15th for 2015

Jan 15 / 2015

  Those of you who have been around here for a bit know that last year I was heading up a 365 project.  One single photo, taken every single day, for a full year.  I am beyond thrilled to have completed it, but will be honest and say that I’m not up to that level […]

15 on the 15th for 2015 (January – Mexico)

May 13 / 2014

Okay all, here’s the video I promised you!  Our adventure from beginning to end, abbreviated of course 🙂 CLICK HERE TO PLAY

The Great Adventure – Video!

May 11 / 2014

This morning we slept in as commanded, and got out of bed around 10:30.  As soon as Grandpa saw us up, he started cooking bacon, eggs and home-made hashbrowns.  We also woke up to a pile of folded laundry courtesy of Grandma.  Man, they know how to spoil us!   Before we left just after […]

The Great Adventure – Day 24

May 10 / 2014

Leaving Calgary just after 8am put us in the Rocky Mountains by late morning, but their towering peaks were blanketed in rain and mist.  We tried to make up time after stopping for coffee in order to meet my dad in Salmon Arm by 1pm when, for the THIRD time this trip, we saw flashing […]

The Great Adventure – Day 23

May 09 / 2014

Today we drove from Saskatoon to Calgary – a familiar trek that we do at least once every other year (and sometimes more often), but usually in the snow.  It was easy driving on the flat prairie so Nick and I took turns with the passenger catching up on correspondence.  We probably burned through a […]

The Great Adventure – Day 22

May 08 / 2014

Today was another relaxing day with family.  Tomorrow we will be back on the road, however.  We got up late and Nick went off to have a lunch date with his mom, and I went off to have a lunch date with his dad:   Later in the afternoon, I started to put together a […]

The Great Adventure – Day 21

May 07 / 2014

After getting in at 4:30 in the morning, we slept in until almost noon yesterday.  It was so nice to just have a relaxing day with family in our trip.  I caught up on blogging while Nick played games with his youngest sibling and used M&Ms as counters.  I eventually played as well and schooled […]

The Great Adventure – Day 20

May 06 / 2014

Monday morning we got up nice and early – “farmer early”.  Okay, it was only 7:00, but for us Westerners that equates to 5:00!  We rolled out of bed, threw some clothes on, and ran out to the barn just in time for the truck to arrive with epic cuteness. What is in those crates […]

The Great Adventure – Day 19

May 06 / 2014

Sunday morning we woke up and checked out of our Best Western with it’s super unique layout.  We grabbed our free breakfast and hit the road for another long day of driving.   We had to try and get from the eastern side of Chicago over to mid-Minnesota by that evening to meet up with […]

The Great Adventure – Day 18

May 04 / 2014

Today we turned the car around and started to head West.  This is definitely the longest holiday I’ve ever been on, and I’m starting to miss my bed.  I lasted until about Day 15 without thinking about it, but I’m ready for it now.  I’m NOT ready for all the work and responsibilities that come […]

The Great Adventure – Day 17

May 04 / 2014

I’ll try and keep the typing in this post short to offset the 50+ photos that ended up in it! Today we reached the East Coast!  We have now travelled coast-to-coast across America.  My beyond-wonderful friend, Christine took us on a tour of New York City, but not before she made us a really healthy […]

The Great Adventure – Day 16

May 02 / 2014

  Today was thankfully less eventually than the previous day.  We woke up in our nice hotel room after staying up way, way too late.  In my defence, 3:15am here is really only 12:15am back home.  I needed a number of car naps throughout the day to recover from that, however, since I keep forgetting […]

The Great Adventure – Day 15

May 01 / 2014

A few things happen when you get photographers on the other side of the lens.  Cooperation is not one of them. Nick was patient enough to let us boss him around while he grabbed a few quick snaps of me and Margaret before we left her place this morning.   See Margaret, I only posted […]

The Great Adventure – Day 14

Apr 30 / 2014

 This morning we woke up at the Jensen’s farm and said goodbye to them around 8:30am their time, which was like 6:30am our time!  As tempting as it was to head back to bed for a bit after they left for town, we got on the road instead – just in time for the snow […]

The Great Adventure – Day 13

Apr 29 / 2014

Today we had another non-driving day.  We spent the day hanging out with the super cool Jensens.  I have to state a caveat at the beginning of this post, though.  Caroline let me play with her lens babies all day.  I have wanted a lens baby for so long.  I thought it would be this […]

The Great Adventure – Day 12

Apr 28 / 2014

This morning we woke up to thankfully realize that the rain had finally stopped.  It stormed all night, but the wind was the most annoying part as it kept rattling the tent sides and waking us up.  We went down and showered and cleaned up.  I straightened my hair and took my time getting ready […]

The Great Adventure – Day 11

Apr 27 / 2014

This morning we tried to get up at 8:30am, but due to the frequent sleep interruptions by the passing trains throughout the night, it was more like 9:30am.  We showered up at the camp bathrooms, and I set about making bacon and eggs for breakfast while Nick took down the tent and packed the car. […]

The Great Adventure – Day 10

Apr 26 / 2014

This morning we woke up from our little desert camping spot and hit the road again by about 11am.  It was a beautiful sunny day.   A couple hours later, we pulled into a little town called Moab, in Utah, where we found a laundry mat / car wash with free wifi.  We spent a […]

The Great Adventure – Day 9

Apr 25 / 2014

Today we woke up at 5:15 in the morning.  After such a shoddy sleep in the car, it was a little rough.  Then I reminded myself that when I went to bed and when I got up were sadly similar to my “real life” sleeping patterns, so that made me feel better about it, haha. […]

The Great Adventure – Day 8

Apr 25 / 2014

I am currently abusing the free wifi to the max while we sit at the laundry mat as I upload two blog posts worth of photos (and Day 8’s post has a LOT of photos). Day 7 was only 48 hours ago and I’m already struggling to remember what we did and sort the days […]

The Great Adventure – Day 7

Apr 23 / 2014

Today was Disney Land day!  We got up, enjoyed our free Best Western breakfasts, made some sandwiches from the food in our cooler and headed out.  We got to the park by about 11am. After we parked, I left my “big girl camera” in the car as I kept having images of it flying off […]

The Great Adventure – Day 6

Apr 23 / 2014

Our fifth day involved a leisurely late start due to how far we traveled the previous night.  We woke up just a few hours north of San Francisco.  The day was grey and overcast, but we didn’t mind as we were just in the car for most of it. Our window was a little bug […]

The Great Adventure – Day 5

Apr 21 / 2014

We woke up around 8:30 this morning, but were loathe to leave our massive fortress of blankets and venture into the cold morning air and wet grass.  We finally managed it, and I was delighted to find out the camp ground bathrooms had electrical outlets so I could deal with the tangle of natural curl […]

The Great Adventure – Day 4

Apr 21 / 2014

Yesterday morning was our last time to spend with the Lazenby’s, who are completely awesome.  They gave us a great place to crash after a full day of touring Portland and then fed us some of the best waffles we have ever had before we hit the road again.  This was our cozy little den […]

The Great Adventure Day 3

Apr 19 / 2014

I know a few people have asked me to blog about our massive road trip adventure while we are on it, and I’ll do my best!  We are staying with some awesome people tonight (friends of friends) and are using their wifi.  We also bought an American SIM card for Nick’s phone this afternoon so […]

The Great Adventure – Days 1 & 2