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Feb 12 / 2020

Writing has always been how I sort out my feelings and express myself, even as a little girl.  But sometimes life is full of big feeling after big feeling and you can’t catch your breath.  And sometimes it’s full of so many little feelings that they all tangle together inside and can’t get out.  That […]

Balancing Sadness and Hope

Oct 15 / 2019

This Thanksgiving weekend was hard for my Micah and, thus, hard for me.  We’re in the process of having him assessed for autism, and it’s a roller coaster.  One meeting I have a paediatrician that specializes in this telling me that even if I hadn’t told him a thing, he would have flagged Micah for […]

Life with a Child with Disabilities

Apr 21 / 2019

My husband asked me a question during date night the other week. He asked if I could change one thing in this season of life to make motherhood easier, what would it be. Without a hesitation I said, “Take away Micah’s SPD.” His sensory processing disorder is not the hardest thing I have to deal […]

Thankfulness In the Midst of a Life You Didn’t Choose

Feb 19 / 2019

This weekend we dedicated our last baby at church and I was asked to share the story of how he got his name.  If you are 1. Convinced you know exactly what you will name your children, and 2. Haven’t had a discussion with your significant other yet, then trust me, you don’t know what […]

Theo’s Naming Story

Feb 15 / 2019

I told Nick when Micah started preschool that I was either going to be the best of school moms or the worst of school moms.  I don’t do moderation well – I’m working on it.  I was either going to volunteer for all the things and kick butt, or be the one sitting on the […]

Pinterest Moms | My Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

Feb 13 / 2019

The first time we had a “your child has sensory issues” statement thrown my way during an assessment I was relieved. I was relieved because I knew he was different in my mama gut and I kept trying to tell friends and family to treat him a certain way that I knew would help him, […]

Receiving the Diagnosis | Micah’s SPD Journey

Feb 05 / 2019

I grew up very isolated. We lived on an acreage about 40 minutes outside of town, I was an only child, and I was home-schooled. When I did venture out into “the world” I was guarded and suspicious. I had experienced some deep hurts in my life and I was not going to let it […]

It Takes a Village

Jan 18 / 2019

Dear World, Many people have told my mom that I am such an “easy baby” or an “easy child” because I don’t get into as much mischief as other kids, but there’s a secret reason why.  I have a hidden handicap called Sensory Processing Disorder (or SPD).  It’s a neurodevelopment disorder the affects my brain […]

A Letter from Micah: Living with SPD

Nov 06 / 2018

For each of my children I’ve blogged their birth stories, the narratives that brought them into this world, both for my own memories’ sake and because people have asked about it.  Theo’s story began around 3:15am on October 27th.  I remember waking up from a contraction and going right back to sleep since it was […]

Baby Theo | My Birth Story

Aug 03 / 2018

I’ve started and stopped, and then started over with this blog post both physically and mentally more than once now.  I’m all for being real on social media, but how real is too real?  For those of you that know me in real life, you know that I have very little filter.  If you ask, […]

July Favourites and Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Jun 27 / 2018

This blog entry is a little bit of a combo post.  It has my favourite photos and moments from June, but it also unpacks something that has been playing hugely on my mind and heart this past month as well, and that is how much I struggle with parenting.  I feel like I can rock […]

June 2018 | 365 Project Favourites and Parenting Thoughts

Sep 24 / 2017

To the overachieving, world-conquering, (possibly also holding down a job) mama, stop.  You need to know something.  You need to know that YOU are ENOUGH.  Read that slowly.  You, yes, YOU, are enough.  You are doing okay.  You are doing more than okay.  Because it really has nothing to do with “doing”.  It has to […]

Super mom – hang up your cape and chill.

May 08 / 2017

I was looking forward to doing April’s DITL (Day In The Life) on Easter Sunday as a new family of four, but I wasn’t expecting our fourth member to show up 5 days after his latest EDD – estimated delivery date – (read: shooting two days after giving birth), so it’s a little cobbled together, […]

April DITL | Easter Weekend, A Birth Story

Mar 23 / 2016

I have always loved “Day In The Life” posts. They’re like little windows where you can see into a whole new world of someone living a completely different life. It’s kind of like reality t.v. for the photography world! In fact, I was so intrigued by the idea that I did one back in August 2015. […]

A Day In The Life (of balancing work and motherhood)

Feb 04 / 2016

This year, I’m doing another 365 (a photo each day for a year), though technically it’s a 366 since it’s a leap year.  However, January is also the month our little one decided to arrive early so I’m combining this post into a “birth story” as well since I’ve had a few people ask after […]

January – 366 – A Birth Story