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May 19 / 2024

Another beautiful day, another beautiful wedding! I just did a marathon of 7 weddings in a row, and this is the second-to-last (for May – not for the year). This bride’s love of detail made my heart sing. From the carefully laid out invitation and vows, to the individualized name tags with a ribbon tied […]

C & D Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

May 14 / 2024

What a weekend we just had! It started Thursday night with this lovely couple at their Mehndi ceremony in Vancouver. Their family did amazing performances for them, and the real treat was the groom being a professional singer! This was, naturally, quite a late night. Then the following evening, as I was climbing into bed, […]

N & H Wedding | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

May 10 / 2024

I have shot many wedding dresses over the years, but I have two most-favourite ones. One was from Taiwan, and I photographed it almost 9 years ago. And now there is this one! Can you believe these gowns are only $400-$500 when you’re NOT buying them in North America. This beautiful bride had a few […]

T & E Wedding | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

May 04 / 2024

Normally the bride always steals the show. Maybe some cute flower girls. There’s usually no contest. However, look at this COUPLE. This groom brings a whole new level to style! I first met them for an engagement shoot last year, and I’ve been waiting to get to hang out with them again on their wedding […]

L & K Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

May 01 / 2024

They say it’s good luck if it pours rain on your wedding day. If that’s true, these two are one of the luckiest couples I have photographed to date! In my 9 years as a wedding photographer, I have had some pretty memorably wet sessions. This wasn’t the worse I’ve ever shot in, but it […]

A & M Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Oct 19 / 2023

I did one of my favourite engagement shoots to date with these two (and their pup!) back in the Spring, and their wedding day has finally arrived. They had taken the time to build multiple locations into their schedule, and I really wanted their photos to be something enjoyable – not soggy and wet. Miraculously, […]

S & S Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Oct 12 / 2023

My fourth-to-last 2023 wedding fell on an unexpectedly HOT Fall day – so hot that we had to move the ceremony indoors! Unheard of for October considering we were all in winter jackets just a couple days prior and a couple days after! But it was beautiful, and golden, and warm, and these two were […]

A&R Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Sep 29 / 2023

Once upon a time there was a bride who absolutely, GENUINELY, adored the rain. She married the love of her life and father of their sweet baby girl on a cold September day, in the middle of the ocean, in the POURING rain. And she was genuinely, honestly, the HAPPIEST bride I have ever seen […]

K & G Wedding | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Sep 08 / 2023

Alicia and Eric were married last February, and shockingly – it didn’t rain!! They finally got to have a full wedding celebration with all of their friends and family this week, and it POURED! It always rains in February and almost never rains this early in September. Regardless, they were troopers and just went with […]

A&E Wedding | Newlands Langley Wedding Photographer

Aug 28 / 2023

A beautiful late summer day, high-school sweethearts sealing the deal after a decade of love and friendship, tiny details like a hand-embroidered veil, a tribute to a late grandfather, and memorable speeches. Private vows shared alone in a garden after the ceremony was complete. This wedding might be one of my favourite documented this year […]

K & Z Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Aug 10 / 2023

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, this place will be familiar to you! I’m an in-house vendor for Newlands Golf Course, so I shoot there a LOT. However, what I love about that is I know the venue and the nearby parks inside and out. I know where to shoot at what […]

K & F Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Aug 04 / 2023

If I had to give adjectives to describe this wedding they would be: joy, fun, celebration, silliness, dancing, adoration, and emotion. These two were so laid back, and their bridal party was so much fun. We started with a first look at Sendall Gardens and then headed over to the Golf Course for the ceremony […]

S & P Wedding | Newlands Golf Course, Langley Wedding Photographer

Jul 26 / 2023

This weekend I got to document two cultures coming together as Julia and Rahim celebrated their wedding day. There were many days of tradition and celebration leading up to today, but today, the “I do’s” were exchanged with a traditional white ceremony, and then they honoured Rahim’s culture with meaningful elements from his wedding traditions. […]

J & R Wedding | Surrey Wedding Photographer

Jun 21 / 2023

These two shared some of the deepest wisdom I’ve heard in a wedding speech. They recognized that essentially one of them was a panda bear and one of them was a koala. They found their spirit animals (hence the cake topper!) and shared what that meant with each other. When times of disagreement or misunderstanding […]

J & J Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Mar 30 / 2023

Last weekend, we waiting in our cars with umbrellas cheering on the sun. I had to edit a few water droplets off at the beginning, but the day cleared up JUST in time, which was a relief because that greenhouse behind them doesn’t open to the public until April 1st! These two had a private […]

Shirley and Walter Wedding | Newlands Langley Wedding Photographer

Mar 16 / 2023

I'm so excited to kick the first wedding of 2023 off with these two. I have never met a bride that was so relaxed but also simultaneously so aware of the timeline! If all weddings were this smooth, I would be a happy photographer!

A&J Wedding | Newlands Langley Wedding Photographer

Jan 19 / 2023

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been to a lot of weddings – like A LOT.  I always tell my couples to not feel shy to reach out to me if they need help finding other vendors.  It feels like this massive world of wedding, but there are great communities within it.  Vendors become friends, collaborate, […]

Wedding Invitation Recommendation

Oct 13 / 2022

This is it, you guys! The final wedding of 2022. In a season with over 40 weddings (I’ve lost exact count), I would have to say we ended on a high note! These two were so sweet and caring, and I don’t think I’ve had a couple take better care of their vendors all year […]

L&S Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Oct 09 / 2022

It’s hard to believe the 2022 wedding season is coming to a close! As we wrap up into the warmest October I can ever remember, I’m loving going through these images of my 3rd-to-last wedding of the year. These two were so chill and lovely to work with. Their customized touches were so cute and […]

T & B Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Sep 28 / 2022

The days are getting shorter and the wedding photographer in me loves this! Early sunsets, cooler days, and it even got dark enough early enough to do some sparkler writing. It’s been a couple years since I did it and I’m amazed I got it in two tries AND it’s legible! Congrats to these two […]

H & T Wedding | Newlands Langley Wedding Photographer

Sep 22 / 2022

I can’t believe wedding season is almost wrapping up for the year. Just 5 more weddings to go for me and I hope the weather keeps holding up. These cooler Fall weddings are my favourite, though. These two said their “I do’s” last weekend and put so much thought into all of the little details […]

F & H Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Sep 09 / 2022

We’ve had such a hot, dry Summer so far that waking up to a rainy day was surprising to all of us! While it made for a wet first look and an indoor ceremony, it also made for the most moody skies later on. Cheers to Judy and Mike on their intimate, heart-felt, laid back, […]

J & M Wedding | Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

Sep 05 / 2022

Where do I begin with this day. It was beautiful and so fun. When I first meet this couple for their engagement shoot back in the Spring, I thought they were going to be quiet, shy, pensive. Nope! They were a BLAST on their wedding day and their kids were a hilarious addition – you’ll […]

S & M Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Aug 31 / 2022

Every so often there is a couple that just makes my job SO easy. This was one of those times. It’s not that they were used to being in front of the camera, but more that they were just so in love and enamoured with each other that they kept acting like I didn’t even […]

A&L Wedding | Fraser Valley Wedding Photographer

Aug 22 / 2022

You guys. This couple. This location. This day. Jackie and I had only spoken through email all the way up to her wedding. I don’t even think we had a phone call, so this was literally the first time I saw her. I knew it was a small, backyard wedding and a chill vibe. No […]

J&B Wedding | Mission Wedding Photographer

Aug 18 / 2022

I have always loved the phrase “community over competition” and honestly, the photography community has been such an amazing support and network for me over the past decade, whether it’s people right next door or across the world. The best part of being in communities is we’re not alone and we have each other’s backs, […]

A&D Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Aug 11 / 2022

I was so excited to be a part of this couple's special day, especially being that I photographed her cousin's wedding 7 years ago, which was math that we sat and calculated and then realized that "wow, that was a really long time ago", haha. It was also extra fun that they had their reception [...]

D&D Wedding | Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

Jul 29 / 2022

A beautiful sunny day (before the heat wave hit), friends and family gathered around and incorporated into the ceremony, two people just SO DANG EXCITED to get married, absolutely hilarious speeches, and a rented convertible. All in all, a perfect wedding <3.

E & J Wedding | Delta & Langley Wedding Photographer

Jul 08 / 2022

It’s not my place to share another’s personal story, but I’ve got to tell you, these two – especially the bride – are amazing, strong, resilient people and I was privileged to document and celebrate this special day with them. while shooting at noon in almost full sun is definitely a different vibe than I […]

A & N Wedding | Newlands Langley Wedding Photographer

May 13 / 2022

Backyard weddings are probably my favourite. The vibe is so chill and the people are so relaxed. What struck me the most about these two, though, was how vulnerable they were with their emotions and how much their love for each other came through. There were tears all day long of the very best kind, […]

C & J Backyard Wedding | Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

May 05 / 2022

I know I talk about the weather a lot when I post on here but that’s because it’s truly a stressful factor when you live on the Coast! We went from pouring rain, to brilliant sunshine with storm clouds in the backdrop, to a beautifully golden afternoon. It’s always such a privilege to be the […]

C & A Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Apr 27 / 2022

What do you do when you’re out on a sunrise shoot and you suddenly see a missed call at 8:26am from a fellow wedding photographer? You give them a quick call back and ask what’s up that early on a Saturday morning! In this world of Covid, waking up with a fever and a sore […]

S & D Wedding | Surrey Wedding Photographer

Feb 22 / 2022

We had a whirlwind, 1-hr block of time together to capture all the things that needed to be remembered. The moments before. The first looks. The hugs. Those that could be present, and those who were present in memory. The emotion. The humour. And a few portraits in the lingering light. I can’t wait to […]

A & E Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

Oct 18 / 2021

These two have planned and scheduled, re-planned and rescheduled, and RE-planned and REscheduled their wedding because of Covid over the past few years. I am SO happy they could finally have the party they wanted with friends and family surrounding them. If you look closely in the photos, you will also get to see my […]

G & B Wedding | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Sep 12 / 2021

Last weekend we played chicken with the rain all throughout this couple's special day. It started off foreboding but was holding off. However, when it was time to walk down the aisle it turned into a torrential downpour forcing everyone to grab a chair and move indoors. While I was super sad to not photograph [...]

J & C Wedding | Chilliwack Wedding Photographer