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Jul 25 / 2020

C&K Wedding | Hope, BC

by Laura

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A few years ago I was unwittingly adopted into a very special group of girls. I’m pretty sure it’s unlike anything I will ever experience again so I treasure that time. If you know me, over my dead body would I have gone to a “girls’ group” 5 years ago, but yet, here I was saying, “Sure, I’ll come tonight,” because I was super interested in pursuing a friendship with the one girl doing the inviting.

It was a Bible study of sorts, but really so much more than that as not even everyone there would call themselves a Christian or be interested in such. But what we were interested in was a place to be real, to be vulnerable, and I mean like INSANELY real, and INSANELY vulnerable. These girls knew things about me, the real me, the ugly me, the hopeful me, the struggling me than sometimes even my husband did because I discovered myself while in that group. It was something that couldn’t be forced and couldn’t be recreated. It was just a special, special time where half a dozen women, with not much in common, came together to support, to challenge, to lift up, and to let our guards down.

The group disbanded as life and babies and other things got in the way, and other than a couple relationships here and there, overall lost touch. So, it was my pleasure when one of those girls asked me to come and do some wedding photos for her! It was so weird and wonderful to hang out with someone that I hadn’t seen in 4 years, but who knew me so thoroughly. It was just a small thing, as they had already eloped – some family photos in a large yard as Covid-friendly as we could make them, and then some portraits afterwards. But it was simple, and it was beautiful <3.

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