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Jul 22 / 2019

D Family Newborn Twins | Vancouver Newborn Photographer

by Laura

Category : Newborn

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close up of twins asleep in their parents' arms

Some of the images I adore the most of my own children aren’t where I get out fancy props and set-ups, but just where I am interacting with them, holding them, treasuring them. This is why I am a lifestyle photographer. I love and admire the work of portrait photographers and know what a huge skill set it takes to pull that off well, but give me cozy homes and tiny humans and I am in my happy place.

parentings sitting on bed holding newborn twins

And if there are DOUBLE the babies, I am doubly happy! I was so excited when this twin mama contacted me to do her maternity photos earlier this summer, and I got to meet her teeny-tiny, strong and healthy little boys (shout out to all the fellow boy moms!), earlier this month <3. Tell me this doesn’t kinda make you want twins! No? Just me?

newborn baby sleeping on fur with hands folded under chin
newborn baby wrapped up and asleep on fur
dad holding newborn twin boys in his hands
mom holding newborn sleeping baby against her shoulder
newborn baby feet sticking out of green wrap
close up of sleeping newborn hand and lips
mom holding newborn sleeping baby in her arms
newborn twins in cribs side by side from above
close up of twin newborn legs and feet side by side
close up of newborn baby holding mom's thumb as he drinks a bottle
dad holding newborn baby and kissing his tiny hand
mom holding newborn baby in her arms while he yawns and stretches
parents sitting on bed holding newborn twin boys
dad holding a newborn baby twin boy in each hand
family dog on bed with parents and newborn twin boys

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