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Aug 24 / 2022

D Family | Port Moody Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

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family of five standing and looking out at the sunset on a beach while the smallest one turns back to the camera

Every year this family and I try to do a different location. We’ve done forest, river, lake and we were going to do fields this year, but the mosquitos are insane right now. Thus, ocean it was, and I’m not sad! I’ve been shooting them since the littlest one was in her mom’s tummy, and it gets more fun (and a lot easier) each year. The girls and I are having a hair growing competition and will see who is winning next August ;). Can’t wait!

dad sitting with kids on his lap at the beach at sunset and the two girls are sticking their tongues out at each other
parents each holding a child on their backs with a third one in the middle for a group hug
mom walking on beach at sunset with her three kids
mom holding little boy while he kisses her on the cheek on a sunset beach
parents hugging while three kids run at them to join the hug
husband and wife hugging and snuggling smiling for camera
family of five standing on bridge with forest behind them
silhouette of dad and sun skipping stones on ocean at sunset
girl on her dad's back cheek to cheek with sunset behind them
three kids hugging their parents with sunset water behind them and a log in front
little girl holding ocean shells in her hand
silhouette of family with ocean and sunset in backdrop
girl being spun in her dad's arms with water and sunset behind them
three kids sitting on a log smiling with arms around each other
dad helping daughter walk along log near ocean with sunset in the background
kids sitting on dad's lap and snuggling with sunset reflecting off water in background
family of five sitting on a large log smiling for camera

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Image of female photographer looking back at camera with ocean behind her showing a back tattoo

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