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Dec 21 / 2017

December 2017 DITL (Day In The Life) | Sunday Whistler Adventures

by Laura

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I have to admit that I wasn’t really feeling like doing my last DITL post for the year, but having successfully kept up with one per month for the rest of 2017, it would be a shame not to finish!  I chose a Sunday together for this post as we were planning on taking a 2-hour drive up to Whistler to see if we could find some snow in the mountains!  (Spoiler – there wasn’t very much, sadly).  The day started off with the boys sleeping in until almost 9am.  We have moved their wake-up time to 8am now, but this was an extra special treat.  Nick fed them breakfast while I got ready, and then I got them dressed while he did the same before heading out the door to church.

After church they served soup and buns to celebrate Christmas together, but with two littles we chose to just pour some into our travel mugs and hit the road.  We were hoping they would sleep better than they did in the car for their naps, but it didn’t go quite as planned.  I think they did manage to grab about an hour or so each in between waking each other up!

When we arrived at the top of the mountain it was snowing, but sadly there wasn’t much on the ground.  Micah ran over to the snow with fascination as it drifted down from the sky and he was enthralled with the idea of a snow BALL, since balls are one of his most favourite things and frequently used words.

Levi spent most of the time bundled up in the stroller quite content and was adorable in his little outfit!  Just as well since Micah went through both his mittens and Levi’s since he kept stopping to splash his hands in puddles.

Right as we were walking back to our car, we finally stumbled across the perfect little sled hill and area of snow!  It was starting to come down pretty heavily by this point and Micah was fairly soaked.  We decided to try it anyways, and Nick ran back to the car to fetch the sled since this is actually what we came for!  Unfortunately, he got lost and it got darker and colder.  By the time he found his way back to us, Micah was beyond done.  The icing on the cake was when we put Levi in his lap.  Total meltdown.  So sadly the brother sledding shot that we came all the way out for wasn’t how I imagined, but at least Levi was super cute and loved being pulled around while we bundled up Micah in blankets and tucked him into the stroller.

We took them both back to the car, stripped them down into dry outfits, and headed back down the mountain in what were quickly becoming quite dangerous driving conditions.  Thankfully my husband is from the Prairies and while he was pretty stressed, the rest of us felt perfectly safe!  We stopped about half way home for Micah’s first Pirate Pack at Whitespot, and took a 15-minute detour to see an amazingly lit house a friend had tipped me off to.  It was all perfectly timed as well for us to see a glimpse of the Christmas Train passing over us on the highway as we neared home.

We tucked the littles into their cribs and were surprised by our neighbours dropping off some Christmas treats.  These were best enjoyed on a mattress in the living room in front of the tree playing Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo system Nick bought me for Christmas (that I accidentally found in our Amazon order history so we have been enjoying it for most of December already, haha!).

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