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Mar 01 / 2017

DITL (Day In The Life) – February 2017

by Laura

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“Because, friend, even if you are on top of it when it comes to cleaning and organizing, even if you haven’t related to one sentence of my stories about laundry-filled couches, even if you can’t stand clutter and your house is always put together, I want you to hear me say this:  The messy areas of your life do not tell a story of your failures.  Those areas tell the story of your humanity, and they are a continual reminder of your need for a Saviour.  Friend, those areas are still worth sharing with others.” ~ Shauna Niequist in Present Over Perfect.

Monday, Family Day, started off blissfully late for me as it was Nick’s turn to wake up with Micah.  I knew Grandma was coming over around 10:30, so I rolled out of bed shortly before that.  While I got ready, Micah munched on some crackers in the hallway while Daddy prepared brunch for us all.

While Grandma and Micah played, and Daddy monitored the french toast, I slipped downstairs to deal with the tiny mountain of laundry that had been growing on the floor in front of the machines for the past few days – finally putting it away instead of running down to rummage through it and grab whatever item was needed each morning.  I also took the opportunity to throw in yet another load.

Shortly after, breakfast was served along with homemade lattes.  Micah loves toast, but eggs are more of a challenge.  French toast is our sneaky way of getting him to eat them.  Grandma and I left “the boys” afterwards so Micah could go down for his afternoon nap, and we set out to look at yet another house showing.  The grandparents have been leasing on the Coast for the last year and have been looking for some real estate that’s close to their work and the grandkid (soon to be grandkids).  We set off for a fixer-upper about 20 minutes away.

While there, they decided to put an offer in and then we headed off to a book store / coffee shop a few blocks away to await the response.  There was a competing offer on the place, and they had to decide how much they were willing to bid in hopes of snagging it.  We sat there over drinks and waited for the phone to ring.  It’s a frustrating market and both my husband and I, as well as the grandparents, have been outbid numerous times or had things sold before we could even put an offer in, so we weren’t getting too hopeful.  At last the call came in, and the place was theirs!

We came back home to pick up the boys and headed off to the pool.  Micah used to love the water, but he’s picked up a fear of children over the last month.  We’ve been doing lots of playdates to try and get him more comfortable around them, but I think his “rescue me!” face says how he felt about being surrounded by a whole slew of noisy, splashing kids!  It took a while, but he eventually relaxed enough to enjoy the water though, of course, my camera was locked away in the storage room by then.

We caught some smiles in the change room afterwards, as well as almost a shot of baby Levi’s 7-month bump!

On the way home, we stopped at our favourite place for $0.30 wings, and Micah was perfectly content to be placed in a cushy high-chair in front of a huge screen t.v. with sports on.  We may have forgotten to bring some spare socks for him, but he didn’t mind.

Grandma headed home for the night to be with Grandpa who was recovering from surgery so couldn’t join us, and we put Micah down to bed with a fresh diaper and his little star-projecting, music-playing elephant that he got for his first birthday from Auntie Stevie.

Once the night was ours, Nick went down to the garage to do some airbrushing on his models, while I rotated a load of cloth diapers, and tidied up the living room.

After that, we settled upstairs for a snack and a quick “board game” on our phones.  I tried to sneak into Micah’s room to take a photo of him sleeping, but he’s SUCH a light sleeper that we had to scramble back out after only two snaps.

I asked Nick to install a laundry rod for me to hang the wet clothes on before we crashed for the evening – something that has been on our to-do list for the last 2.5 months since we moved in!  I still need a better system for drying diapers, but have been stringing them across a broom handle propped up on boxes on top of the shelving for now.  Once that task was completed, Nick brought up his models to the dining room table to hand paint some finer details on them while Levi and I crashed on the couch to watch a documentary until it was time for bed.  A perfect Family Day – which was extra special to us because we never used to take statutory holidays in the past as we worked a million (not really, but at least 5) jobs between us to save up for a home for our kids.  But now that we are settled into what we hope is our forever home, we’ve been savouring the extra time to just enjoy this new season of life with our Littles <3.

If you’ld like to see more daily life from the eyes of us moms, head over to my friend, Jen’s blog HERE for her February DITL video!

9 thoughts on “DITL (Day In The Life) – February 2017

  1. Emily Janz

    It looks like your in-laws are moving out my way! Are they in Maple Ridge?

      1. Emily Janz

        That’s exciting! It’s pretty awesome out here. We should set up a visit one day if you are going to be out here.

        1. Totally, but it may be crazy at first as Levi is due to arrive the week after they move in, so we might have to wait a bit. Esp. since I’m car-less while Nick’s at work 🙁

  2. Alyssa

    I love your pool images!! Favourites for sure. I feel our DITL’s had a lot of similarities this month.

    1. Thanks! Worth being the crazy mom at the edge of the pool with her big-girl camera, haha. I’m off to check out yours again now that I’m not on my tiny phone!

  3. Jen Vanderby

    I also love your pics from the pool/change room!! Beautiful use of light this month!! <3

  4. ClaireT

    love this. Dont know how I missed that you were doing this but m now excited that I have several of these to catchup/gorge on! Can’t wait – Claire T

    1. Haha! That’s okay, Claire, cause I didn’t catch your comments here. Sorry for the super late response!

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