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Sep 22 / 2022

F & H Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Weddings

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bride and groom looking at each other on a large staircase surrounded by forest

I can’t believe wedding season is almost wrapping up for the year. Just 5 more weddings to go for me and I hope the weather keeps holding up. These cooler Fall weddings are my favourite, though. These two said their “I do’s” last weekend and put so much thought into all of the little details – things that often only the photographer thinks about, so it felt like we were collaborating on a vision which was really fun. I can’t wait for them to receive their whole gallery!

grooms shoes, watch, cologne, bowtie, cufflinks and wedding ring on a chair
bride's jewelry, rings, shoes, watch, and perfume laying on her veil
macro close up shot of wedding bands on wooden box
groom putting on vest before wedding
close up of groom straightening bow tie
groom holding cologne
groom putting on watch
wedding dress hanging up and backlit
bride having blush applied
bride backlit with mother and maid of honour helping her get ready
bride with dress and veil fanned out shot through doors at wedding venue
groom getting ready to see his bride who is coming up behind him for the first time
bride tapping groom on the shoulder for him to turn around for the first look
groom turning to see his bride for the first time with staircase and forest behind them
groom seeing his bride for the first time
groom blowing his bride a kiss
bride and groom looking at each other inside a large greenhouse
bride and groom about to kiss through the willow tree branches
groom dipping his bride on a forest path for a kiss
bride looking at camera shot through her veil
groom stroking bride's cheek under arch
bridal party toasting
close up of Persian wedding ceremony decorations
close up of Persian wedding ceremony decorations
Persian wedding decorations
ring bearer holding ring box for camera
father walking bride down the aisle during outdoor wedding ceremony
bride staring lovingly at groom during wedding ceremony
groom staring lovingly at bride during wedding ceremony
groom dipping bride for a kiss at Persian wedding ceremony
bride and groom doing first dance at wedding reception
groom dipping bride during their first dance at wedding reception
bride dancing with father at wedding reception
older couple dancing at wedding reception
guests dancing at wedding reception
friend doing knife dance at Persian wedding reception
two people dancing together at a wedding reception during the knife dance
best man giving speech at wedding reception
bride and groom smiling listening to speeches at wedding reception
guests hugging and crying during wedding reception speeches
mother giving speech at wedding reception
guest crying during speeches at wedding reception
guests smiling listening to speeches at wedding reception
groom toasting the camera at wedding reception

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