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Jun 26 / 2016

Iceland Adventure: Days 4 – 6

by Laura

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Day 4-5


Friday was our last sunny day (so far), which is kind of sad!  We only had a 90-minute drive to get to our next location so were fully prepared to meander and take our sweet time.  However, an accident ended up closing the road about 30 minutes in so we took the longer 2.5-hour route around the northern peninsula hugging the coast.  We stopped at the crest of a soft, grassy hill to have a picnic lunch and lay in the grass with Micah as we enjoyed ocean views and weather warm enough to leave our jackets in the car.  We also paused our journey twice to try and convince horses to let me pet them and succeeded in the end!  And finally, we wrapped up the evening at a family-run B&B where we enjoyed the BEST home-cooked meal of our entire trip with everything being made from scratch – even the jellies and sauces – and had a somewhat relaxing soak in their hot tub which was filled from natural hot spring water.  It was only somewhat relaxing because Micah started crying on the baby monitor almost as soon as we first got in and we had to go feed him for a while.  But once he was taken care of, we made our way back out to the tub in the never-ending daylight.

Day 4-7

Day 4-8

Day 4-9

Day 4-10

Day 4-11

Day 4-12

Day 4-13

Day 4-14


This day of our trip was pretty short and sweet.  We stopped at one iconic location to photograph a huge waterfall under stormy skies, but then hurried on to our next B&B by 3pm that day.  I had come down with a cold and we were all so tired from both the time change and the fact that, with Micah in the same room as us, we are BOTH up for the entirety of all his nightly feedings rather than taking turns like we do at home.  So napped and Netflixing occupied the remainder of this day.  We even just made sandwiches for dinner vs. going up to the main house, so a true night in amidst all the adventuring!

Day 6-5

Day 6-6

Day 6-7


Today was the first day that it actually rained for the majority of the time, but the landscapes we were crossing were so barren and bleak, it suited the mood perfectly.  We only got out of the car three times.  Once to grab a selfie in the gathering storm.  Once to explore where the natural hot springs were bubbling up out of the earth in piles of stream and boiling blue mud.  And once to hike 1km each way to find a massive, muddy waterfall tumbling into a gully.  We pulled into our hotel a bit later in the evening due to the hike, and got the second course of our dinner “to go” into our room as Micah was getting a bit fussy by this point.  They don’t really do that here, but with a baby we get a lot of accommodations made for us including free room upgrades!

Day 6-8

Day 6-9

Day 6-10

Day 6-11

Day 6-12

Day 6-13

Day 6-14

4 thoughts on “Iceland Adventure: Days 4 – 6

  1. ClaireT

    fabulous – well done getting these up online. Hope the weather picks up for you tomorrow and hope Micah lets you sleep

    1. It did!! Another day of sun, but a forecast of all rain for the rest of the trip and no sunsets anymore I don’t think now that we’re in the South below the mountain ridges 🙁

  2. ClaireT

    Did you use flash for the one of you and Nick? Love how you are getting photos of the two of you together – need one of the three of you though!! 🙂

    1. I did use OCF, yep! It was too windy to put it on a stand, but laying it on the ground above us did the trick :). Micah’s tricky cause he’s always so sleepy in the car, and we often leave him in there while we step outside to grab the shot, but I think I have a useable one with the three of us from yesterday!

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