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Jun 30 / 2016

Iceland Adventure: Days 8 – 10

by Laura

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Days 8 and 9-16


Today was a bucket list item day!  I was so glad to discover that, even though it’s almost July, there were still remnants of turquoise-coloured ice to be found!  We don’t have too many family selfies from the trip due to Micah always napping in the car, but he was up for this one and joined us on the shore.  I followed the stream to where the ice chunks found their way out to the ocean and melted away.  The sun must have come out just for me that morning, because after we left that location, it was all gloom and storm once again as we skirted the hills rimming the glacier.  Our cabin that evening was my absolute favourite of the entire trip – it was so quaint and perfect!  Micah thought so too and wanted to be up for huge portions of the night to revel in it.

Days 8 and 9-1

Days 8 and 9-2

Days 8 and 9-3

Days 8 and 9-4

Days 8 and 9-5

Days 8 and 9-6

Days 8 and 9-7

Days 8 and 9-8

Days 8 and 9-10

Days 8 and 9-11

Days 8 and 9-12

Days 8 and 9-13


This was our last day of leisurely exploration as the next day we headed for the airport.  It was a mix of cloud and sun and rain in turn throughout the afternoon.  Our main stops were to see two huge waterfalls – the latter which we could hike up behind with minimal wetness from the spray.  We also stopped to explore a cave that we stumbled upon as we drove down the road.  Locals believe it to be haunted and picking the green leafy ferns growing from its roof to bring bad luck, but we just thought it was pretty awesome!  After we finished our explorations, Micah awakened and kept glancing up over his shoulder at us as we made our way to our last hotel.  They didn’t have a restaurant attached to it, so Nick ran into town to grab some groceries for the evening, and then we hung out in our room with Micah until he passed out freeing us up to go and enjoy the hot tub.  And what a better view to soak by than sheep and horses frolicking in the setting sun for our last night in Iceland!

Days 8 and 9-14

Days 8 and 9-15

Days 8 and 9-17

Days 8 and 9-18

Days 8 and 9-19

Days 8 and 9-20

Days 8 and 9-21

Days 8 and 9-22

Days 8 and 9-23

Days 8 and 9-24

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Days 8 and 9-27

Days 8 and 9-3-2

Days 8 and 9-4-2

DAY 10

Micah transferred back to Canada time last night / this morning.  Well, actually, he had a messy diaper that didn’t smell and that he didn’t complain about.  All.  Night.  Long.  My poor baby just kicked and sang til this morning cause he couldn’t sleep.  Needless to say, we didn’t do much adventuring on our way to the airport, but there wasn’t a ton to see anyway as it’s more populated and developed the closer to the airport you get.  We did take the scenic route along the ocean and travelled through some last lava fields before heading home.  And we finally found the illusive puffin!!  Sort of…. We made do ;).  Now we sit in the airport and await our 7-hour flight back to our beds and routine which we’re very much looking forward to.  Goodbye, Iceland!

Day 10-1

Day 10-2

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  1. ClaireT

    haha love the puffin photo 🙂 Looks like you had an amazing time. Such variety. Glad you found the blue ice – it looks spectacular!

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