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Sep 12 / 2021

J & C Wedding | Chilliwack Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Weddings

bride and groom holding each other with bridal falls in background
Last weekend we played chicken with the rain all throughout this couple’s special day. It started off foreboding but was holding off. However, when it was time to walk down the aisle it turned into a torrential downpour forcing everyone to grab a chair and move indoors. While I was super sad to not photograph the ceremony outside, this did mean that we could do all the group photos and portraits outdoors afterwards as the downpour wanted to only last as long as the ceremony took and didn’t return again until later during the reception.

The couple said they wanted to hike up the mountain to the gorgeous Bridal Falls and I was totally game! The fact that it was still spitting and had just poured meant that I only needed to photoshop like two people out of two images as the forest was mostly ours! We got some lovely images, stayed “mostly” dry, and then headed back to party for the rest of the evening sheltered from the storm.
wedding dress handing with flower girls peeking out from behind it
close up of jewelry against blue painted wood
image of make up artist applying lipstick to bride shot through doorway
close up of flower girl hugging bride's dress
shot of bridal jewelry details and shoes from above
mom putting flower clip in flower girl's hair
bridesmaids and bride holding cups and cheersing
close up of pearls on wedding dress in black and white
close up of bride putting on her shoes
bride laughing and flower girl photobombing through window
close up of bride looking out window in her wedding dress
close up of cufflinks in box
groom buttoning shirt with groomsman beside him
pull back of outdoor wedding venue with mountains in the background
close up of flowers decorating wedding arch
pullback of outdoor wedding ceremony with mountains in the background
groomsman holding umbrella over groom in rain
close up of head table details with bokeh in background
close up of pictures hung by strung lights in wedding hall
bride being handed off to groom at front of aisle
close up of bride smiling with light bokeh in background
close up of bride putting on groom's ring
bride and groom first kiss
bride and groom walking down aisle with bubbles
bridal party girls hugging and laughing together
bridal party girls helping arrange bride's dress
bride holding flower girl and being kissed on the cheek
portrait of bride in wedding dress with flowers highlighting her updo
bride and groom standing together surrounded by trees
bride and groom looking at each other in field with mountains behind
bride and groom kissing through blueberry leaves with mountains in background
bride and groom holding each other and laughing in forest with river
close up of bride and groom holding each other with bridal falls in background
bride and groom holding each other under umbrella in the rain
close up of ring shot with ferns in background
close up of "mr" and "mrs" flasks with light bokeh in background
close up of customized wine bottle label on head table with bokeh in background
black and white image of groomsman giving a speech
bride and groom laughing at head table
groomsman lifting glass in cheers
flower girl sitting on bride's lap at head table
close up of cupcakes on stand
groomsman wiping cake off groom's face
bride and groom playing shoe game with MC talking to bride
bride and groom playing shoe game with orange and blue and white lights
bride and groom having first dance
bride and groom having first dance surrounded by bokeh lights
black and white action shot of bride throwing her bouquet and looking over her shoulder
girls catching bouquet thrown by bride
groom going under dress to take off garter while bride laughs
groom getting ready to throw garter with men in the background
shot of a wedding dance floor from above
bride twirling with her dress backlit on the dance floor
bride and groom kissing under umbrella with "love" in sparklers

2 thoughts on “J & C Wedding | Chilliwack Wedding Photographer

  1. Tara Pacheco

    Oh wow-What a beautiful couple! Handsome Charlie and gorgeous bride Janelle. Also, your photographer is an amazing artist.

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