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Apr 03 / 2023

J Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

asian family posing on the beach around a piece of driftwood with lake and snow capped mountains in the background at sunset

We squeezed this session in the later evening, RIGHT before the rains came. This family was amazing considering they had spent HOURS in the car driving back from Whistler that afternoon and went straight into a photo shoot! The irony with this session is that I had to make sure to arrange babysitting because while this family was up visiting from Chicago, my husband was out filming in… Chicago! I took them to THE most iconic “BC / West Coast” vibe place I know where you can have snow, mountains, dramatic skies, clear water and dense forest all within 5 minutes of each other.

mom sitting on large piece of driftwood laughing with her two preteen daughters with lake and snow capped mountains in the background
mom sitting on large piece of driftwood hugging her two preteen daughters with lake and snow capped mountains in the background
two preteen girls hugging each other on the beach with lake in background
dad holding two preteen daughters with beach and lake in background
husband giving wife a piggy back ride on the beach covered in driftwood with lake and mountains in the backdrop
family throwing rocks into a lake with mountains in the background and one daughter turning to smile at the camera
asian couple standing on a mossy log laughing together
mom, dad, and two preteen daughters smiling for the camera in a forest of tall trees
asian family with two preteen daughters walking down road into forest

4 thoughts on “J Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

  1. Tanya J

    Spending hours in the WORST traffic ever was totally worth it. Loved this shoot and getting to meet you was even better. Now to figure out which ones to print or just create wallpaper for my house of our family photos!

  2. Barry

    Amazing time with Laura! Super professional and easy going. I’m amazed by how time flew by and then these pictures…my word….so, so good!

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