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Jul 15 / 2015

July 15 on the 15th for 2015

by Laura

Category : Personal


Due to a still recovering hand injury, I’ve been out for the past couple of months on sharing my 15 on the 15th.  And even now I’m taking it pretty casually, but I’m glad to be back in the circle again and sharing :).  When you’re finished here, feel free to take a stroll over to my friend, Jennifer’s, blog to see her 15 on the 15th.

Between my photography and Nick’s videography, Summer is pretty much the busiest time of the year for us.  We sometimes go days where our primary contact methods are texts and emails to see how each other is doing.  This calls for the occasional “time out”, and this year it took the form of a 5-day road trip down the Western Coast of the U.S.  It cost us collectively 4 weddings we had to turn down, but it was still worth it to be able to prioritize each other and our relationship above our jobs.

Here are a few snaps from along the way 🙂

Morning light (read 6am, but I really had to go to the bathroom!) at our first camp site.  It was worth digging out the camera for on my way back to the tent.

Road Trip-1-10

Later that morning we headed over to the famous Canon Beach to discover just how cold and windy it is there!  Instead of heading down to the water, we walked around the town with local hot drinks in hand, and spent time in some of the speciality shops tasting various items.

Road Trip-11Road Trip-11-2

Our next camp site was only a short 4 hours away so we leisurely travelled down the coast stopping to walk along the trails and grab a couple pics as we went.  It felt like we were on the edge of the world.

Road Trip-11-3Road Trip-1-5Road Trip-1-9Road Trip-11-4

Our next camp site wasn’t anything to write home about, so instead of taking photos, I took naps :).  These next pictures are from our third site at Crater Lake on the Southern edge of Oregon.  They said to not approach the wildlife, but what can you do when THEY approach YOU?  I thought these little guys maybe had some sort of mental problem the way they would stand on their two back legs and “walk” around after you with their “hands” in the air.  It was Nick that figured out they wanted our food.

Road Trip-1-2Road Trip-11-5Road Trip-1-3

First ever attempt at a panorama.

Road Trip-1-7Road Trip-1-8Road Trip-1-6

The third night was our last one camping.  We have a limit of 3 nights before we both miss beds.

Road Trip-1Road Trip-1-4

The next morning we headed up to hang out around the Seattle area and get a hotel with AC, a pool, and a glorious king-sized bed.  Much appreciated after a few nights in the woods!  Then Monday it was back to reality until next time!

6 thoughts on “July 15 on the 15th for 2015

  1. That first image is magical! Because I love to read about your adventures I went of and grabbed a cup of coffee to read the rest of your post. Glad your back!

    1. admin

      Thanks, Sarah! If I knew I had such an avid reader, I would have actually written more text for you, haha!

  2. What an amazing adventure! I wish we had scenery like this… and I wish we had chipmunks! They always make me smile!! They just don’t live quite this far south. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite image, but that first… such gorgeous light!!

    1. admin

      Thanks, Angela! They are pretty cute for sure. And I wish I could have actually DONE something with that light, but it was 6am and I was cold and half asleep, lol. It was all I could do to unlock the car and get out the camera before crawling back into the tent.

  3. Kristey

    Love these so much and the fact that you two were able to make time for an adventure. As always, stunning!

  4. Jill

    I have missed your photos!!!!!!! I loved every image especially the morning sun, panoramas and chipmunk on Nick’s lap. I’m so glad you guys did a trip for yourselves!

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