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Aug 13 / 2016

July – 366 – Letter To My Son

by Laura

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Dear Micah,

Well, we are back from Iceland, re-establishing our routines, and playing catch-up.  You bounced back faster than either mommy or daddy did.








Later on in the month, we took a rare weekend off weddings to go visit your great grandparents.  Since you’re going to grow up and probably destroy things, we thought a more practical dining room table would be a good idea, so we took your Opa a free one off the internet to refinish for us.  He loves to make things.  In fact, he made your daddy’s first crib and that’s what you ended up sleeping in while we were there.




Your mom and dad are geeks – sorry, you’ll probably be one, too.  So we spent an embarrassing amount of family time walking through the parks catching Pokemon, but at least it got you out of the house!  You’re a lot more active these days as you have learned to roll over – both ways!  I emphasize the “both ways” part because there was about a week there where you could only roll one direction and kept getting stuck against the rails in your crib at night and it was pretty annoying for all of us!  At least until you became okay with sleeping on your stomach when you got stuck.  You’re also trying to crawl.  You’ve mastered face-planting the carpet and shoving with your feet, but it’s not super effective for you yet.






You have discovered your toes, sprouted two bottom teeth, and are just starting to show interest in what mom and dad are putting into their mouths.  We’ve tried you with a few different foods, but aren’t in a terrible hurry since you still can’t quite sit up yet and are a month adjusted.  You’re solidly in size 12 clothing now, but it’s starting to be a little snug, so I’ve pulled out some 18-month stuff.  At least your weight has levelled off and you’re only gaining a couple of pounds a month now, putting you around 24lbs currently.  It’s hard to know exactly because you were too big to lay down on the baby scale at the doctor’s, and too floppy to sit up in it, so mom just holds you and checks on the scale at home.








The end of July marked the half-way point for this year’s weddings.  You’re a napping champion and let mom get almost all of her editing done during the day instead of at night now.  However, she’s looking forward to taking a few months off this winter and also looking forward to having weekends at home again in just a few more months.  By that point, I expect you’ll be getting pretty close to being mobile, and she’ll have to be more on her game with you.










You’re just settling into your 3rd and last nap of the day while I finish up this blog post, so I better hurry and wrap it up because it’s often your shortest nap.  You’re also a little crabby today and need some extra attention.  Chat next month, my love <3

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